How To Fix Windows 10 Calendar App is Not Working?

Windows Operating system is the best operating system in the world as per user interface it is one of the most user-friendly Os among all the Operating Systems.  When it comes to windows 10 there are some awesome features available in Windows 10.

If you  are not able to fix your Windows 10 Calendar app, due to various issues Calendar app may not be working thus  while you  opening  Calendar app the system might be getting hanged, cursed  or not ready to respond properly ,  So  here we want  to share one method which can solve your problem  and fix your app.

Windows 10 Calendar App is Hanging or Not Responding:-

1)    When you are coming across this kind of problem then you need to check that your windows 10 has installed all recent updates which are based upon Calendar apps, windows store, mail suppose if the updates are not yet installed please install them.

2)    After Installing all recent updates check calendar app working, if then also app is not working then install and reinstall calendar.

3)    Click on start button and type on run command prompt will appear then type this code in command prompt.

“Get-appxprovisionedpackage –online | where-object {$_.packagename –like “*windowscommunicationsapps*”} | remove-appxprovisionedpackage –online”

4)    Troubleshooter needs to be downloading from Microsoft official site that can automatically fix the errors and make the windows work great.

New Account for Windows 10 Mail App

Mail account is to manage your contacts and personal stuff. So now you just press on power button and on the PC with MS (Microsoft) account then it will automatically get connected to mail application with an inbuilt calendar application. May you are logged with your local account, hence you first need to prepare or set up the Microsoft email account in the mail app.

Just go and click on windows Icon symbol on your PC and click on the Mail App live title. Please follow the give instructions to link your email account to the app.

Windows 10 Calendar App and Mail

Mail app has calendar thus the brand new mail app comes with the inbuilt calendar in it which plays a very important role in enhancing productivity and quality of the app. Windows 10 Calendar is specially designed to give very detailed interface with birthdays all other holidays’ list, event lists, email contacts and more.  It is very simple for you to adjust the calendar view like the way you want it and years, months, weeks and days. The calendar app allows you to create a new event and reminds you of the events.

Windows 10 Calendar app is uniquely build to stay up-to-date on your windows email to manage you’re your day to day schedule and stay in touch with the people whom you like the most. This app is designed for all most both your work and home purpose, Hence this types of apps are generally build to help you to communicate in the much better way and focus on main things in your life.

Thus Calendar and Mail for Windows 10 is build to allow and support Office 365 account, Outlook, Exchange, therefore there are separate applications for Outlook

If you want to know the difference between Calendar and Mail for Windows 10 or Outlook, Visit the Microsoft official website.

Do you want to know how can you turn off Notifications in Calendar for Windows 10?

You can create a new event and set it has a reminder notification for the desired event. Hence if you don’t need notification to visible then simply turn off a notification for one event?

A Single Calendar event that you created can be turn off Notification

Here is the way to turn off notification button for a single calendar

1)    First, open the event manager

2)     See that Reminder list and choose nothing

3)    Save and Close and apply your change.

All Calendar events can be turn off Notification.

Here are some ways to turn off your notifications for all your calendar events, thus you can do it for each account separately for your accounts.

Event Set-up, A meeting in Calendar for Windows 10

You can create an event on your calendars and also invite other people to your meetings, events, and hang out with them with some give time and end the event.

For example: – Create a new event

1)    Pick the new event in your calendar app

2)    Now you enter a name of the event, location, and timings of that particular event, and also you can some more information like description, notes, agenda and more

3)    Suppose if you want your event to be private with only some of the selected people, choose the padlock icon, to make sure that no one in the group will not be able to share your calendar and not be able to see any of your event details

4)    You can add many people in a meeting for supposing if you are looking forward to a meeting then you need to turn on an event into a meeting just by typing their email address in the given box

5)    Using the phone or a tablet will easy to make the things happen

Want to see your email messages or your calendar events in mail and calendar on your Windows 10? /

If the email is not received timely then you need to follow the below steps

1)    Click on the windows start button and open mail

2)    On the left navigation pane open the button and select that

3)    Choose manage accounts and select your email account

4)    Change Mailbox sync need to select

5)    Finally to receive messages as quick as possible download some new content as it comes.

Now if your calendar app started working again after applying the following these steps and rebooting your computer.   We are now going to spend some more time and energy for figuring out latest windows 10 operating system updates and shares some nice good stuff.

We are working on fixing some bugs in windows 10; it would be cool to share your issues while using Windows 10.