How to Delete a Facebook Page? (Or, Unpublish it?)

It is very common to feel the need to delete a Facebook page. We all have created random pages on Facebook that we feel like deleting after growing up. Or, there are some business pages but then we jump onto another business, and then the page gets useless. Whatever the situation is, Facebook allows you to delete the page you no longer need.

If you want to learn how to do that, this post is specifically written for you. Here, I will guide you on how to delete a Facebook page. Additionally, I will also tell you how to unpublish it, merge it with another page of yours, or even sell it for quick money.

Guide to Delete a Facebook Page

A Facebook Page is a place on Facebook where artists, businesses, brands, organizations, NGOs, and public figures connect with their audience (fans or customers) via posts, stories, and messages. Anyone can create a Page on Facebook for free. The one who creates and controls the page is known as its admin. After a brief duration, if you feel like the page is of no use, you can delete it.

Deleting a Facebook page is simple and straightforward but it is not an instant procedure. Facebook takes 14 days to delete a page permanently. During this duration, you can also choose to cancel the deletion if you change your mind. Once the page is deleted, you cannot get it back.

Think & Finalize Your Decision

If you are thinking of deleting your Facebook page, I’d recommend that you think thoroughly and finalize your decision. Or else, you might regret it later. As mentioned above, you cannot get your Facebook page once the page is deleted. So, think twice and be sure. Go through your reasons for deleting the page.

If you are only deleting it because you can’t keep it active, then ‘Unpublishing’ is a better option. You won’t lose any followers and you can publish your page again any time you want. Or, if you feel like you have another similar page, then you can merge your page to it. There are different options available. Think wisely.

Steps to Follow to Delete a Facebook Page

Once you have made up your mind, you can continue with deleting your Facebook page. Follow these simple steps to delete a Facebook page easily:

Step-1: Visit ‘Facebook‘ in a browser on your PC. Log in to your account. Now click on ‘Pages’ from the left pane. This will take you to the page management section.

Step-2: Here, click on the page you want to delete under the ‘Pages you manage’ section.

Step-3: Next, find and click on ‘Settings’ under the ‘Manage Page’ section present on the left side of the screen.

Step-4: Next, scroll down, find, and click on the ‘Remove Page’ option on the right side of the screen from the General tab.

Step-5: In the newly opened prompt, click on ‘Delete [Name of your Page]‘ to delete the page.

Step-6: Now, click on ‘Delete Page’ on the next prompt. You can also check the ‘Unpublish this page’ box while doing this, so the page is removed instantly from other user’s newsfeeds.

Step-7: Finally, when you get the ‘Page entered deletion mode’ prompt on the screen, click on ‘OK’ to complete the procedure.

That’s it. Your page will be permanently deleted after 14 days. This is how you delete a Facebook page.

Note: Your page will appear in the ‘Page Management’ section for the next 14 days. If you change your mind and want to get it back during this time, you can go to your page and click on ‘Cancel Deletion’ present at the top of the page. Then, confirm your choice. Your page won’t be deleted then.

You can also delete your page while using a smartphone. You can access Facebook in a browser or just use the mobile app to do that. The steps are similar, only the location of buttons may vary.

Other Actions for your Facebook Page instead of Deleting

If a page of no use for you, there are multiple things you can do with it instead of deleting. These will help you to bring the most out of it and you wouldn’t lose your followers. You can either choose to unpublish your page, merge it with another page of yours, or sell it to someone else.

If you have a page with a good number of followers and good reach, these are better options than deleting it.

1. Unpublish your Facebook Page

Unpublishing a Facebook page simply means hiding it from the audience. When you unpublish a Facebook page, it will not be visible to anyone except for the admins. If you don’t have time to regularly post through the page and just want to go away temporarily, this would be a way better option than deleting. Follow these steps to know how to unpublish a Facebook page:

Step-1: Visit ‘Facebook‘ in a browser on your PC. Log in to your account. Now click on ‘Pages’ from the left pane. This will take you to the page management section.

Step-2: Here, click on the page you want to delete under the ‘Pages you manage’ section.

Step-3: Now click on ‘Page Visibility’ on the right side of the page from the ‘General’ tab.

Step-4: Next, choose the ‘Page unpublished’ option and then click on ‘Save Changes.’

Step-5: Facebook will ask you for a reason for publishing the page. Choose any reason and click on ‘Next.’

Step-6: Based on the reason you choose, Facebook will present you with certain options. Choose the most suitable one and then click on ‘Unpublish.’

That’s it. Your page will be unpublished instantly. You will be notified of the same. The best thing is you can publish your page again by the same process any time you wish.

2. Merge your Facebook Page with Another Page

If you have two or more pages of the same genre or category, and you don’t want to continue all of them, you can simply merge them into a single page. This way, you don’t have to delete any page and you will not lose your followers. To merge a Facebook page, go to the ‘Page Settings’ and choose ‘Merge Page.’

After that, follow the on-screen instructions. Remember that you have to be the admin of the page you are trying to merge your page with.

3. Sell your Facebook Page

If you have a popular Facebook page with good reach and a big number of followers, you can sell it if you don’t want to continue using it. There are many people on Facebook who buy active pages and revamp it into their own. You can find buyers by putting up ads on your stories, Instagram, or any other medium.

There are specific Facebook groups where people buy and sell Facebook fan pages. Once you find a buyer, make sure he is a genuine person. After being sure, make him the admin of the page. And, you can leave the page then.

Final Take

There are certain situations when you’ll have to delete a  Facebook page. This is how you do that. You should only delete one when you are cent percent sure. If not, you can consider other options like unpublishing, merging, or selling it.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.