Fortnite How to Get the Dance Monkey Emote

Dance Monkey Emote: If you’ve been listening to the radio in the last one or two years, then you likely have heard the song from Tones and I’s song ‘ Dance Monkey. 

The track has catchy lyrics accompanied by boppin’ backing tracks to create a true floor-filler. 

The good news is that for those who love the song who also want grinding out dubs in Fortnite, There’s an emoticon that plays the track and includes an edgy dance that goes with it.

Here’s how to unlock this Dance Monkey emote in Fortnite.

The Dance Monkey Emote in Fortnite

  1. To unlock the Dance Monkey emote, head to the Fortnite Item Shop in Battle Royale mode. Battle Royale mode.
  2. Scroll to the high point to see the section called ‘Featured. You’ll see the emote  available for purchase for 300 V-Bucks there.
  3. Choose the Dance Monkey in the shop, and confirm your intention to get it. You’ll likely need to either have V-Bucks on your bank account or buy them using your hard-earned money. If you’ve purchased Premium Battle Pass, you can also earn V-Bucks through upgrading it.
  4. In January, you can purchase it before 3 pm PT/6 pm ET. 20th, 2022 before it is removed from Item Shop. Item Shop.

The emote belongs to the “Icon Series,” and its description reads: “A slow, shy move for the battlefield. It was introduced in chapter 3 of Season 1.”

All you have to know about how to unlock that Dance Monkey emotes in Fortnite. If you like it then share with your friends.