Where to Go After Godskin Duo In Elden Ring?

Godskin Duo In Elden Ring: Elden Ring is a game where you may not know what to do or where you should go.  Elden Ring‘s minimalistic design, allow you to explore the world by yourself.

It has flaws, as you can easily get lost among the various NPCs and quests. You might be wondering where to go after you defeat the Godskin Duo.

This article will show you exactly where you should go after beating the Godskin duo.

You have now dealt the final blow to the Godskin Duo, perhaps using one of the most powerful weapons in the game. What now?

What to do after you have defeated the Godskin Duo In Elden Ring?

Once you have defeated the Godskin Duo, go North from Dragon Temple Altar Site of Grace.

Turn left and go down the steps. Jump to the platform below. Continue to the next level, where you will find more parkour.

You will find a small statue of a dragon when you jump down from the platforms. Continue forward, and then turn right at the first opening. Continue jumping!

You will find a Dragoncrest Shield Talisman+2 on one of these jumping platforms. Make sure you grab it. This is a lesser-powered legendary talisman, which you can find at another.

You can then continue straight ahead. You will see a shielded enemy, but you can jump to his right from the broken balcony. There is also another Site of Grace.

This will make the path much more straightforward and straightforward. Just be sure to turn right beside the dragon. You will also find a Somber Old Smithing Stone behind him. This is something you should consider to improve your gear.

The entire map is linear. Reaching Dragon Temple Rooftop Site of Grace, you will be closer to the Black Blade, the final boss of the location Malekith.

You might consider upgrading your set with the strongest Katana from Elden Ring if you had trouble with the Godskin Duo before your triumph.