BGMI Ultimate Showdown Event

BGMI Ultimate Showdown: Battlegrounds Mobile India is constantly developing new content that keeps its users engaged. 

But, there are times when the events don’t perform as the developers had hoped for. 

This is the scenario in the case of BGMI Ultimate Showdown and Play Hard Events. 

Krafton has confirmed that the events will not be available because of some problems. 

According to the announcement, there was a problem with the BGMI Ultimate Showdown Event being remove on the 27th of January. 

The reason for the recall is yet to determine.

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When Be Will BGMI Ultimate Showdown Event Back?

Krafton hadn’t specify when the problems that plague the event would  resolve or when the circumstances would return to BGMI. 

Shut off the event calendar shortly after being launched on the 25th of January 2022.

 To address the problem, Krafton has state that it “Should it fix and re-open, we will inform you through further notice”.

This doesn’t give players any information regarding the show’s return in BGMI. 

But, Krafton has suggest players get their unique items link with The Ultimate Showdown event before it is shut down. 

Anyone who hasn’t completed this process yet won’t be in a position to redeem the exclusive items associated with this Ultimate Showdown event now.

However, they can visit the exchange event at the Exchange centre and trade the Ultimate Showdown tokens for other available event tokens.

This includes those from the Avalanche X-Suit, the Lucky Spin, and the Classic Crate Scrapes. Krafton has stated that the ratio of exchange to be 1:1.

 The exchange event will wrap with the same date that the this Event was schedule to conclude 02/17/2022. 

Additionally, participants can exchange their unused Vouchers at the Event Centre.

The developers will notify players whenever they announce an update on how they plan to proceed with the BGMI Ultimate Showdown Event.