WhatsApp May Soon Introduce a Companion Mode to Connect a Second Mobile Device

We just learned about WhatsApp’s multi-device mode’s expanded functionality, which allows you to add a second device to your account. More information has surfaced online, leading to speculation that the Meta-owned chat service is now testing the functionality.

WhatsApp’s Companion Mode is being tested

According to WABetaInfo, the Companion mode would simplify adding a secondary mobile device to a single WhatsApp number. Users will be able to utilize one WhatsApp account on various mobile devices, such as another smartphone or tablets.

The multi-device capability enables you to connect your WhatsApp account to both your phone and your computer. This feature may even be used while your phone is turned off.

A screenshot is also shown, which provides further details on the future feature. Companion mode may also be accessed by attaching a secondary device to another WhatsApp account. It will allow you to link your second phone to your WhatsApp account and someone else’s. To get an idea, have a look at the screenshot.

It’s worth mentioning that attaching a device to a different account will log you out of the one you’re presently using. Furthermore, you will lose all locally saved data. As a result, backing up the data before turning into Companion mode is recommended.

According to the article, this function is still under development, so nothing is known about it. However, both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp are being tested. As a result, when it becomes official, you can anticipate it to reach all users. It will most likely take some time before consumers can access it. More information is likely to arrive by then, and we will make sure to share it with you.

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