How to Fix Scroll Wheel Not Working Issue?

Technology and gadgets have changed the game in the world. Technology has made things way easier for us, but with technology comes endless malfunctions and errors with the gadgets. One of such errors is when suddenly our mouse’s scroll wheel stops working. If you are not aware of what the scroll-wheel is, it is the button your scroll up and down between the left and right clicks on your mouse. Sometimes, it can stop working and it is a very common issue. Before you assume that your mouse has completely stopped working and you replace it with a new one, it would be wise to look through some options that can fix this issue. So in this article, we are discussing the issue of the scroll wheel not working.

How To Fix The “Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working” Issue?

There could be many reasons why the scroll wheel could stop working. From something really basic to something as complicated as drivers and software. But don’t worry, we have explained it in the easiest way possible so you don’t wander around trying to fix your scroll wheel, and that is why we have provided step-by-step instructions for the scroll wheel not working issue.

1. Reconnect Mouse

Before starting with anything complicated, you should try just disconnecting and reconnecting your mouse, just in case it is a temporary issue and nothing massive.

When reconnecting the mouse to your computer, make sure your computer is detecting your external wired mouse, if it’s not, there’s a possibility that your mouse could be damaged. If you use a wireless mouse, you need to check your device settings.

2. Adjust Mouse Wheel Settings

If your scroll wheel is not working, you can try to change the mouse wheel settings on your computer. Every computer has changeable settings for the scroll wheel as well. You can check if the scroll wheel is enabled on your computer settings or not. You can simply check the settings by putting “mouse settings” in the search bar of your OS.

3. Clean The Mouse

If you have been sort of messy with your computer and other gadgets, you need to know that gadgets don’t take it well. Any sort of dirt forming up on your mouse could make it difficult to work. Before trying complicated instructions, you should clean your mouse and see if that works.

4. Update Mouse Driver

If you figure out that you need to update your mouse driver, the best way to do it is to install it from the website of the brand you have the mouse of. After you are done installing, you need to visit Device Manager on your computer to make sure that there are no more issues with the mouse after the update.

5. Replace Batteries

If even after the above-mentioned steps, you are facing the scroll wheels not working issue, it might be time to replace your batteries if you use a wireless mouse. If you’re facing the scroll wheel not working issue or any other issues with your mouse, simply changing batteries can avoid all sorts of malfunctions with the mouse.

6. Check Touchpad

A mouse has sensitive touch detection. As mentioned earlier, any form of dirt, liquid, or mess can affect the functioning of the mouse. Your touchpad may have come in contact with any of such substances which are becoming a barrier for the mouse to function properly. It is advised to check your touchpad and keep it clean as much as possible to avoid such issues.

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7. Fix Corrupt System Files

After you have tried everything and nothing has seemed to work. It is also highly possible your system files may be corrupt. You can try installing the latest system updates for Windows 10 or your Mac OS updates from the Apple App Store. Then perform an automatic repair for Windows 10.

8. Replace The Mouse

Now, if you have tried everything mentioned in this article, yet your mouse has vowed to not work again. Unfortunately, it is time to bid adieu to your current mouse and welcome a new mouse to continue with your work.

You can also try taking your mouse to a local repair shop to see if it has any chances left to work. This could be considered the last option to fix the scroll wheel not working issue.


Now, you are the know-it-all of the mouse, its technicalities, and the solutions to solve the issue with the scroll wheel not working or any other mouse-related issue. You can go ahead and fix the issues in no time, and continue with your browsing. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.