What Song is this? 8 Ways to Identify Songs Online

Sometimes you listen to a certain song or music and instantly feel to add it to your playlist. However, you don’t know its name and feel stuck. In this case, the methods to identify songs online can help you to know more about it. So, you can listen to it whenever you want or even download it to listen offline.

If you have a habit of wondering “What Song is this?” this post is specially written to help you. Here, I will tell you about the 8 best methods to identify songs online. You can use these to recognize any song you listen to anywhere and add it to your playlist.

How to Identify Songs Online?

Knowing how to identify songs online can be really helpful when you listen to either a part or the music of a beautiful song and want to know its name. There can be several instances when you’ll instantly start liking a song just after partially listening to it on someone’s Snapchat story, Instagram lives, Youtube stream, or anywhere else. The simplest way to identify the song is then to ask the person who is playing it. But, when it is not possible, then you have to use other workarounds.

There are multiple special workarounds that you can resort to for that. I’ve collected all the best ones and will present them here as the best methods to identify songs online. There are many apps and websites especially dedicated to this, I’ll tell you about the best ones here.

1. Use Shazam to Identify Any Song or Music

Shazam is an amazing app specially dedicated to identify and provide full information about any song. It is now owned by Apple Inc. and is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, watchOS and,¬† tvOS. You can use it to identify songs online on any of the devices. Shazam even has an offline mode available. To recognize any song using Shazam, you have to launch the app and tap on the Shazam icon which says ‘Touch to Shazam.’ Make sure you place the microphone of your device near the speaker in which the song is playing.

That’s all you need to do. Shazam will then soon tell you the name of the song and artist within a few seconds. It is a very simple and fast method to know about any song. You can even use Shazam to identify movies, television shows, and advertisements.

2. Use Google Assistant to Identify Songs Online

Google Assistant can help you with lot of things. One of them is to identify any song or music playing nearby. You can use the Google Assistant in your smartphone to recognize the songs. To know how to do that, follow these simple steps.

Step-1: Firstly, tap on the ‘microphone’ icon present with the Google search bar to access Google Assistant.

Step-2: When Google Assistant starts listening, take the microphone of your device near the song. Once the “What’s this song?” option appears, tap on it.

Step-3: Google Assitant will then listen to the song close and start recognizing it. Wait patiently for a few seconds.

Step-4: Once it is done, Google Assistant will tell you the name and artist of the song in the search results.

That’s it. This is a very simple way to know about any song you like.

3. Ask Siri to Name that Tune

Just like Google Assitant, Siri can also help you in a lot of things like calling, texting, setting alarms, playing songs, and many more. Some people find it even better than Google Assistant. Siri can also help you to identify songs that are playing near you. To do that, you simply need to take Siri (microphone of your iPhone) near the song that is playing and ask “What song is playing?” or “Name that tune” or “What is currently playing?” and Siri will then perform a search.

Siri will also seek help from Shazam, even when the app isn’t installed on your device and then it’ll tell you the name and information of the song you want to identify. You can then choose to play it on the Music app on your iPhone.

4. Use ACRCloud to Identify Songs

ACRCloud is a website dedicated to online song recognition. You can use it to know about any song you want. Just visit the website and tap on “Record Now.”

Then, you’ll have the recognition window in front of you. Next, click on the Green microphone and play the song near the microphone of your device to start the recognition process.

Once the recognition is complete, you will see the name and information of the song in the results. They even have a Chrome Extension known as AHA Music that we’ll talk about next.

5. Use AHA Music to know What Song is this

AHA Music is a browser extension that works as a song identifier. You can use it to identify any song you want. Just add it to your browser and click the button of this extension on a page with the audio playing. Then, it’ll start listening to the audio and will recognize it in a few seconds. After that, you’ll have the name and other information about the song you played.

It is a fast, simple, and very accurate method to identify any song or music in a browser.

6. Use SoundHound to Discover Any Song

SoundHound is another app like Shazam that is able to recognize any music or song playing nearby. It is available to use on Android as well as iOS devices. To identify a song, you just need to launch the app, tap on the Orange button, and keep the device microphone near the playing audio. After a few seconds, SoundHound will tell you the name and information of that song.

Additionally, SoundHound can also work as a music player with voice control and lyrics on-screen. It is an amusing app that everyone should start using.

7. Use Midomi & Sing the Song

Midomi is a unique song identification website that helps you to find any song by singing or humming its lyrics or music. You just have to visit the website, click on the “Click and Sing or Hum‘ button present on the home page. Then, start singing and click on the ‘red microphone’ to stop recording. After that, Midomi will analyze your audio and tell you the name of the song you were singing.

It is a great way to recognize songs when you can’t play it but only know a part of it.

8. Use WatZatSong to Seek Help from others in Identifying Songs

WatZatSong.com is a crowdsourcing website dedicated to song recognition. It is a community-based website where you have to post a sample of the song you want to identify and the other users will provide answers or guesses for that. The community is really active and you’ll get answers within a few minutes. You will have to sign up for an account to use WatZatSong.

You can also listen to samples posted by other users and help them find the song if you are an intellectual music listener. It is a unique and fun way to identify songs.

Final Take

Now the next time a tune or audio gets stuck in your head, you wouldn’t feel helpless. You can just use any of these methods to identify that song online. One more method to identify a song if you only have some lyrics of it is to type them on Google, Youtube.¬†These will help you to know about the song only by using some lyrics. If you know about some more methods, don’t forget to tell us about them in the comments.

Update: You can now also use Snapchat to identify songs online. Just tap on the camera screen for a few seconds and Snapchat will seek help from Shazam to identify the music playing in the background. After that, a pop-up box will appear with the information and an audio preview of the song. You don’t have to install Shazam to use this feature of Snapchat but you will have to update it to the latest version.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to reach us if you have any questions or suggestions about anything written here.