What Happens When you Kill Patches In Elden Ring?

Kill Patches In Elden Ring: Patches’ is one of the return NPC from Dark Souls and Demon Souls in Elden Ring. As with all the other installments in the series, he’s a smart opportunity seeker who isn’t afraid to bow when facing disadvantages. 

You’ll meet him when fighting with him. He is a man who does not be afraid to raise the white flag during fights; he’ll plead to be rebuffed. However, it’s your decision if you decide to murder him or let him free. 

Here’s our advice on whether it is appropriate to kill Patches and not kill him in Elden Ring.

What Happens When you Kill Patches?

  • He is located in Limgrave’s Murkwater Cave in Limgrave. When you enter the cave, you will find a Treasure chest.
  • When you open it, you’ll receive Then; you will receive Garb and Trousers.
  • Then, they will accuse you of taking your personal belongings and will immediately come after you with rage.
  • He will beg to surrender when his health bar has depleted 40 percent.
  • If you decide to defeat him, he’ll lose the following elements:
    • Spear +7
    • Leather Armor
    • Patches Bell Bearing
    • Leather Gloves
    • Leather Boots

Do you want to take down Patches within Elden Ring?

  • Although you can get useful items when you defeat Patch, we recommend not killing Patches.
  • If you agree to surrender, he will concede loss and become a merchant.
    • You can buy a variety of products from him, such as Stonesword key, Festering bloody fingers, and Furlcalling Finger treatment.
    • In addition, it is also possible to purchase Margit’s Shackle from him. It’s an important instrument to beat Margit and the fallen Omen.
    • Once you’ve defeated Patches and killed him, you can’t bring him back using the celestial dew.
    • Killing him can mean that he will lose the entire quest.
    • You will also not be able to purchase these bull-goats set to the task of defeating Great Horn Targoth in the quest using Patches.
    • Even though Patches can be described as a chatterbox, Patches is worth more to you alive than dead.
    • So, if he asks for surrender during the battle, forgive him.
    • You’ll receive the trademark Grovel to show mercy emotive and two golden Runes as an incentive.

Although I do not believe in second chances, He will reduce his temper to become a businessman in this area.