What exactly is Orange Incense in Pokemon Go?

Orange Incense in Pokemon Go: I’ve heard of animals that can’t stand the scent of solid citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. 

The pleasant and fresh scent to us is a concentrated acid to animals. 

I’m not sure what the incense smells like in Pokemon Go, and when it comes to the smell of orange perfume, I’m assuming it does not smell like oranges, as Pokemon likely wouldn’t like this.

 In any case, what is the smell of orange incense that you can smell in Pokemon GO??

Contrary to the riff that I made a few minutes ago, the orange incense can’t be distinct by its scent; however, it is the color of its container.

 Incense containers typically feature a green-colored top; however, the green tops often change over to orange ones.

 You can see how I said “switch” there. Orange incense isn’t an item distinct from regular green incense; it’s an additional flavor that comes as a separate item.

It’s impossible to buy orange incense on its own from the standard ones, so you’ll have to wait for them to come out. When when will they show up?

What exactly is Orange Incense ?

Incense orange only appears when there’s an occasion happening in Pokemon Go, particularly one that impacts the number of spawns for specific Pokemon.

For instance, during Dia de Muertos back in November, the spooky and festive Pokemon such as Murkrow, Roselia, and Cubone appeared in higher amounts.

It was at this time that the traditional incense changed to orange incense.

When it is burned during an event, just the Pokemon that the event is focusing on will be more prominently displayed compared to normal incense that draws all Pokemon worldwide.

The particular Pokemon appear each second in wild environments, likely to help take those event-specific Pokemon more frequently before the event is over.

After the event has ended, the orange incense will change to green incense and start attracting available Pokemon in the same way.