30 Sites to Download Subtitles for Movies and TV Series

Subtitles are not only for hearing impaired persons. They assist you in recognizing the storyline of any foreign language film or tv series as well as help you decipher difficult to follow dialogues. When you are watching movies through DVD and Blu-ray, in most cases, a subtitle track is included. However, that subtitle is generally in one or two languages. So, most of the people won’t find subtitles in their native language. Thankfully, there are many websites available to download subtitles of movies, tv shows and series. Websites where you can find subtitles in many languages for both famous and obscure contents. Such sites let you enjoy any movies in languages you’re most proficient at.

Today, we will be covering 30 sites from where you can get subtitles for movies and tv series.

Why are Subtitle Providing Sites Becoming Popular?

We’re living in a global age. In this century, thanks to the internet, people from Canada have access to South Korean films. But there is a language barrier that can be overcome with a subtitle. That’s why today, we have many sites that provide captions for all types of videos. Be it a movie from an obscure country or a tv series from a neighboring country; you can easily download a working subtitle from multiple sources.

Here are the main reasons why we’ve seen an influx of subtitle downloading sites in this decade.

  • Most of the websites have a comprehensive inventory of subtitles. So finding the suitable caption is not a herculean task. You just need to perform a simple search with the right keywords and voila! This easy accessibility option is one of the main reasons behind the massive success for subtitle providing sites
  • Almost all the sites provide free access to all subtitles. You don’t need to pay a single penny to get a caption online. People find this proposition quite exciting and create decent traffic in those sites which in return give them a modest ad revenue
  • We’ve seen a South Korean film ‘Parasite’ sweeping this year’s Oscars. That film is the Korean language. People outside of Korea need to have subtitles to get the movie properly. These types of film create substantial user influx.

Top 8 Websites to Download Subtitles of Movies & Series

When you search for a subtitle in Google, you’ll find at least a hundred websites offering free subtitles. Choosing the best option from this bunch is the toughest job. Most of the time, sites in the first couple of search results provide decent subtitles. However, you can end up with a crappy caption also. That’s why we’ve summed up a list of best websites to download subtitles after hours of research.

1. OpenSubtitles

Websites to download subtitles

With one of the largest movie subtitles collections on the internet (more than five million, says the site itself), OpenSubtitles should probably be the first site you visit when you’re looking for subtitles download. With more than 60 distinct language options to select from, OpenSubtitles is genuinely a global affair.

Whether you’re looking for subtitles in Spanish or Vietnamese, you’ll find all the major recognized languages in OpenSubtitles. It collects subtitles from different sources. Every upload from contributors comes with a title, date of upload, user comments, and an all-inclusive rating on the quality provided of the subtitles.

There is a search bar on the top of the site, using which you can access all the subtitles uploaded by other users. An advanced search option is also provided to have a more specific searching spectrum. You can search by rating, age, format, and many more with that advanced search. Here are some more features of OpenSubtitles.

Key Features of OpenSubtitles

  • As of now, 5320207 subtitles are available on OpenSubtitles, making it one of the most significant inventories among all of the sites. You can get subtitles for almost all of the little known movies and tv shows
  • Any user all around the world can upload subtitles, thus providing an open-sourced solution for your subtitle needs. The inventory is only growing as more people are accessing the sites and contributing each day
  • There are different areas where you can find new subtitles, featured subtitles, monthly top uploader, weekly most downloaded subtitles among others
  • This site comes up with an in-built forum where you can connect with other subtitle hunters from all over the planet. You can have healthy discussions regarding movies and tv shows, can get good suggestions for films from other movie fanatics

2. Podnapisi

Best websites to download Subtitles

This is one of the lesser-known options. However, it is also the cleanest and easy to use the option that we’ve come across during our research. Podnapisi has more than 2 million subtitles for over 5800 movies and 6000 tv series in its inventory. So ultimately, you won’t be resultless after any search. It has subtitles in dozens of languages for all the popular movies.

Podnapisi has different clear sections, with the home page showing the latest subtitles that were uploaded in the last 24 hours. It also has sections where most rated subtitles, as well as the most downloaded ones, are displayed. You can also view the most commented captions from the home page.

Like other popular websites to download subtitles, Podnapisi also gives you the option of advanced search. You can search using specific data like the year of release, language, and many more. Previously Podnapisi had some issues like less number of languages were available. But since then, community efforts have improved the inventory. Now anything from Afrikaans to Russian is available. Here are some more key features of Podnapisi

Key Features of Podnapisi

  • Podnapisi is an add-free clean website. By visiting this site, you won’t be bothered with irrelevant ads popping up every now and then. This type of arrangement is very rare in subtitles downloading sites as these sites mainly profit from showing ads
  • This site offers access to an active discussion forum where you can have informative conversations with other movie buffs. If you have any confusion regarding any movie or subtitle, you can post your query here. And people from all around the world will help you solve your issue
  • Active filter lets you handpick results from a search. Whenever you search with a keyword, you’ll get hundreds of results. Now here comes the active filter with 9 different conditions, which enables you to select the one based on your requirements.

3. Addic7ed

Websites to download subtitles for PC

By seeing the name, you can already guess Addic7ed (translate to addicted) targets to be the one-stop subtitles solution for movie addicts like us. It offers subtitles for both movies as well as popular tv shows. However, unlike the previous two sites, this one requires you to sign up before downloading any caption. Once you successfully sign up, you have access to over 3 million unique subtitles.

There is an active search bar which you can only access upon signing up. You can search for any movie using that search bar, or you can access the drop-down menu and scroll through the options. All the recently released subtitles are prominently displayed on the RSS Feed placed at the top of the page.

Key Features of Addic7ed

  • The one of a kind feature of showing a schedule of the next releases is quite useful. Not many recognized subtitle providers offer this sort of function. This attribute can be helpful at times, especially when you’re planning to see movies in the near future
  • Subtitles available in more than 50 recognized languages, many of which are strictly regional languages. If you aren’t looking for subtitles in a little known African dialect, chances are you will find multiple subtitles in your language
  • It has a tutorial page that explains the process of using a caption with conventional programs. This tutorial is quite helpful to those who are using online subtitle for the first time
  • Addic7ed also has a support and FAQ forum where you can post your queries. There are many movie buffs out there who will guide you with proper information

4. YIFY Subtitles

top websites to download subtitles

YIFY is a popular piracy group that provides torrent links to recently released movies. However, their subtitle supplying site is totally legal and quite useful too. YIFY Subtitles is one of the best-looking websites to download subtitles. It is a complete bloatware-free site and quite modern-looking too.

It is also quite straightforward to navigate as every option is clean and clear on the eyes. This site is also completely safe and piracy free offering subtitles in multiple languages. The home page has a list of recently released movies along with subtitles in various languages. This list also shows multiple information like IMDB rating, release year, run time, and more.

On top of this site, you’ll find a search bar that can be used to navigate to your required subtitle. It has an auto-suggestion tool that lets you detect a specific release based on your choice. Like others, this site also doesn’t charge a single penny from users. Here are some of the eye-catching features of YIFY Subtitles.

Key Features of YIFY Subtitles

  • This is a completely ad-free site just like its compatriot, the movie download site of YIFY. Being an ad-free site makes YIFY Subtitles’ user interface really clean and easy to navigate. So if you enter into the site, you’ll have no issue finding the necessary subtitle
  • On the main page, this site shows a couple of movie lists based on recently added movies and popular movies, respectively. So, you’ll quickly find all the latest releases without even searching through the search bar
  • This site offers lots of information about a particular movie. So you can judge a film without visiting movie rating sites like IMDB. You can see the IMDB rating directly on YIFY Subtitles

5. Subscene

Websites to download subtitles for Android

Subscene is among the top 5 most popular subtitles providing sites ever. It has its own loyal fan base who not only has discussions on the forum but also uploads the latest subtitles. Subscene has been providing this service since mid-2005, making it one of the earliest dedicated caption producing sites currently in operation. This head start has been a blessing for Subscene as the demand for downloading subtitles is increasing year after year, and it has become a significant player in this segment.

Subtitles not only for movies and tv shows but also for popular music videos are available in Subscene. Subtitle inventory of Subscene is regularly updating as many users upload subtitles of the latest movies every day. To upload one, you will have to sign up first. However, downloading subtitles doesn’t require any form of sign up or log in. Here are some main aspects of Subscene that made the site a global name.

Key Features of Subscene

  • The community forum of Subscene is really beneficial. You can get a lot of facts and details about various movies there. So whenever you have any query regarding a movie or subtitle, posting it, there will almost certainly fetch correct info.
  • While using the search bar, you can add an extra language filter, which will modify the search result based on the language you chose. This cute little feature saves a lot of time, which otherwise would have been wasted while searching the language-specific result.
  • All the movies have individual entry pages that list details of the film itself. Information like release year along with a full list of subtitles arranged by the user given comments and ratings shown underneath. This particular thing can be pretty helpful at times.

6. Divx Subtitles

Websites to get subtitles

While the website may look like a site from the early 2000s, the subtitle collection of Divx Subtitles is simply mind-blowing. On this site, you can find subtitles for the rarest of the rare movies. This site has a vast inventory, especially for the older films which you will not in other sources. That’s why, despite an outdated user interface, we are still recommending it to you guys.

Though it specialized in older films, updates regarding the latest major releases also continue to trickle through. You can get to the desired subtitle by performing a simple task. You can also specify your search by adding searching conditions like language, keywords, rating, or format. Let’s discuss some of the useful features of Divx Subtitles.

Key Features of Divx Subtitles

  • Like other sites, Divx Subtitles also have an active forum for all kinds of discussion regarding movies and tv series. These forums are actually quite useful for gathering knowledge
  • This site has a separate page for all the latest uploads. And, the link to that page is displayed on the home page itself. This means you can easily navigate the recently uploaded subtitles
  • Anyone can contribute to this site just by signing up with Divx Subtitles. There is a link shown on the main page that leads to the uploading section. So, uploading subtitles is somewhat an easy process
  • Being an old site, it requires very little data to load. This means you can access this site even when you are in a weak network connection. We have tested it, and it opened on a 2G connection. Unbelievable right?

7. Subdivx

Websites to Download Subtitles for Video Contents

This is the leading subtitle downloading site for Spanish speaking people. This site is also in the Spanish language and specializes in subtitles for Spanish language films and shows. However, you can also find subtitles for other language movies, including English. On the home page, Subdivx shows a list of the most popular entries, as well as the most rated listings.

This website is feature-rich. You can search for subtitles as well as on the forum from a single search bar. Also, there is a link to access most voted, most commented, and most rated subtitles on the home page. It makes the task of finding proper subtitles easy. Here are some of the features that made Subdivx genuinely unique from its competitor.

Key Features of Subdivx

  • Subdivx has more than 3 million subtitles for movies and around 400,000 subtitles for tv series. So, you can get subtitles for almost any content
  • It has a built-in video library consisting of the best YouTube videos of all time. If you’re feeling bored, you can check those out as well
  • This in-house discussion forum of Subdivx is multidimensional. Here you can only discuss video content, but you can talk about lots of different things like News, politics, business and investment, jokes, and many more. Each section of the forum is separated from others
  • You can see the trailers of future releases by accessing the forum. There is a separate room just for uploading movie trailer, and it’s constantly getting new trailer every now and then

8. TVsubtitles

Best websites to download Subtitles

TVsubtitles is the go-to page for getting subtitles of TV series and web series all around the world. Here you can get subtitles for all the popular TV shows and TV series. TVsubtitles provide subtitles in multiple languages, including all the major languages. All subtitles are packed with WinZip, so you must unpack it before you use it.

Subtitles for movies are readily available. There are hundreds of sites that offer free subtitle downloads for the film. However, getting subtitles for TV shows is not that easy. Some websites offer TV shows subtitles along with movie subtitles, but most of the time, their collections for TV shows are really poor. That’s why our final pick in this list is a site that specialized in TV shows. From American shows like Breaking Bad to German shows like Dark, you can find a working subtitle for almost every TV show you’ve ever heard.

Key Features of TVsubtitles

  • In the top left corner of the home page, there is an option to select a language before proceeding to search. This option is particularly helpful in saving people’s time and effort. Just choose your language and search with the proper keyword. Your desired search result will appear within seconds
  • There are 331,309 subtitles available for 2,284 TV shows consisting of 75,567 episodes. This is one of the largest if not the largest collections of TV show subtitles
  • This site also provides you access to a free public library where you can get pdfs of famous writings without any cost. The link to the free library is shown in the home page itself
  • New uploads, along with the date and time of upload, can also be accessed through the main page. There is a separate page for the latest uploads, and it keeps track of new uploads up to 7 days

So, these were the top 8 websites to download subtitles. While narrowing down our list, we had to omit some other great sites. Here are the notable mentions that narrowly missed our listing.

30 Best Sites to Download Subtitles

We have already provided a list of top 8 websites to download subtitles. But it’s always preferable to choose one from a wide range of collections. That’s why we have enlisted 30 more sites from where you can download subtitles of movies as well as tv series.

  1. OpenSubtitles
  2. Podnapisi
  3. Addic7ed
  4. YIFY Subtitles
  5. Subscene
  6. Divx Subtitles
  7. Subdivx
  8. TVsubtitles
  9. Downsub
  10. Subs4free
  11. English-Subtitles
  12. Lil Subs Subtitle Downloader
  13. TV-subs
  14. Moviesubtitles.org
  15. Easy Subtitles
  16. Bolly Nook
  17. SubsMax
  18. Ordentitel
  19. Xsubs.tv
  20. iSubtitles.info
  21. Subtitles HR
  22. OS Downloader
  23. Digital Digest
  24. Subsynchro
  25. Popcorn Subtitles
  26. SubtitlesApp
  27. English Subtitles for Divx Movies
  28. SRT Subtitle
  29. Get Subtitles
  30. Sub Loader

Final Thoughts

Getting subtitles has become a child’s play. Anyone with an internet connection can download a working subtitle in minutes. Nowadays, thousands of sites are providing an open platform where anyone can upload subtitles which can be downloaded for free of cost.

However, you have to be careful while choosing a site. Some sites, created by miscreants, have malicious content that can harm your system. So it’s better to use reliable and tested sites like the ones we have mentioned. We hope our article has been helpful to you and you have chosen your site by this point. Keep following our page for more such informative blogs.