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The year 2020 has really started with some major blasts, and we still have seven more months to go. Astrologists predicted at the onset of this year that the virus would stall the entire world. So, those in the know were actually astonished at the correctness of the predictions. The year 2020 will see Mars and Saturn entering the 7th house, the house of Makara. This denotes conflicts among countries for power, lack of cooperation, lack of faith, which is what we witness at this very moment. Some of the best Kundali software (one that follows the Bhava Chalit) predicted that Mars and Saturn would further move into the 6th house.

This indication is graver than the former. It denotes the fear psychosis that has gripped this world won’t leave the country anytime soon. It will come back in some form even after the coronavirus passes. People may get affected in the form of some national emergency, the second wave of epidemics, hunger, poverty, economic crisis, etc.

All of the predictions took place last year. And you may have just started questioning what you have missed all this while! Well, do not worry, because we have got you covered. Your future is perfectly safe with this Kundali software and apps. But before going into the set of apps, let’s check out why you really need these apps?

What could change with a Kundali Software?

Sure, you would not be able to change the entire world with an app in your pocket. But what you can do is, start taking baby steps, because that’s what counts. The positions of the planet written in the Kundali software would guide you through each day. With these minuscule steps at hand, very slowly, you would start noticing the changes, and with every person following your jotted down steps, a major evolutionary change is guaranteed.

This year we got to trace the path of Mercury because it’s the year of this planet. The astrologers denoted June as the month that will be the worst in terms of the health of our country, and July will be the month that will prove most auspicious. And the amazing fact is, even economists and social scientists confirm this prediction. So, here are the simple reasons behind having one of the best Kundali software on your phone:

  • Everyday predictions are important, and you got to follow them from a trustworthy app
  • If you can’t change your everyday lifestyle, you won’t be able to affect a major change in your life
  • You won’t be able to predict the changes in people surrounding you, and that has a major effect on your soul as analyzing vibrations is one of the most important tasks of Kundali software

So, without any delay, let’s have a look at the top 10 astrological apps currently trending.

Best Kundali Softwares

We have provided a list of the best Kundali apps here. Check those out, analyze the features, and pick the best one to predict your future. Here you go!

1 mPanchang

Kundali Software

We want to start with a blast. mPanchang is one of the best Kundali software that comes with a host of features. It is a complete package of many astrological elements at once. It is a cross-platform app and supports both Android and iOS devices. Coming to its features, it has everything you could ask for, such as giving you a perfect Kundali prediction, keeping up with all the religious dates in detail, and taking stock of the often ignored important ancient customs, mPanchang is a master of all these aspects. Personalized horoscope, Kundali info, and all the missing information that has always bothered you are just a click away now.

mPanchang is a perfect amalgam of Vedic and Hindu astrology; it gives special focus on the dates that other apps miss easily. This Kundali software will chart your details and guide you constantly, making it one of the best astrology apps on the market. Vrat, Upavas, Aartis, Mantras, and Bhajans, mPanchang covers you with everything to take you closer to your well-earned fate. More than an app, it is a lifestyle that, when followed, will yield you great benefits even when everything is going wrong. Another wonderful feature is that it changes its predictions depending on your location. And unlike other apps, this is an app that comprises Daily Panchang, Monthly Panchang, Kundali matching, Janam Kundali, muhurat, and horoscope.

So, it is evident this app is perfect for those who are looking for an all-in-one future visionary application.


  • All in one application
  • Daily advice on to-do’s and not to-do’s
  • Accurate prediction
  • Very easy-to-use app


  • Too many options may be overwhelming for some
  • The interface look is dull

2. AstroSage Kundli

Best Kundali Software

Another pioneer Kundali software that is worthy of your time is Astrosage Kundli. While mPanchang is an all-in-one app, AstroSage is also a great app that masters in the field of astrological insights. In other words, it is the perfect astrological guide for everyday auspiciousness. Moreover, if you want an instant, Janam Kundali, Astrosage has got you all covered. It borrows from the ancient knowledge of the Vedas and inculcates a gamut of knowledge from Ayurveda and Yoga as well. AstroSage considers astrology as the eye of the Vedas, the Vedanga. The best part about this app is its ability to predict each day quite accurately, and then guiding you with proper detail, starting from your diet to the people you talk to, and the thoughts you think about.

The secret behind the success of AstroSage is its dependence on NASA algorithms to find out the exact planetary movements. What’s more, the app also takes into account the anomalies which keep happening in space. Most apps do not make use of the latest planetary movements, but the outdated ones. This is why, after a point of time, they lose relevance. Even more harmful is heavily depending on such applications and continuing your life, thinking something auspicious is about to happen. To bear successful results from astrology, the movements of the planets and stars are extremely important. That forms the very foundation of Janam Kundalis. So, in essence, AstroSage is one of the best Kundali software when it comes to exact predictions.


  • Perfect calculator of Rahu Kaal
  • Charts your Navamsa Chart perfectly
  • Provision of Kundali matching
  • Perfect annual horoscope prediction


  • The interface of the app is messy

3. Horoscopes App

Top Kundali Software in 2020

Well, here lies the truth. Not everyone is committed to astrology, nor everyone wants to spend scrolling through the nitty-gritty of a mastermind Kundali software. This is why we have got all the busy-bees covered with this wonderful Horoscopes App from In simple words, this app will give you an unbiased and accurate horoscope prediction for the coming days, months, weeks, and years. On top of that, the software has made the difficult-to-understand nitty-gritty of all astrological calculations actually very simple. If you think this app does not have much to offer, you would be underestimating this Kundali software. We claim this because there are over 30 classifications of horoscope prediction of which days, weeks, months, and years are just a part of this classification. All of this combined, this forms the perfect horoscope prediction app that very few can match.

Like AstroSage, the underlying exactness of the predictions comes from tracking the NASA algorithm behind planetary movements. This ensures you will find the utmost correctness in each passing day, so much so that you will be able to affect some major changes in your life with this Kundali software. Furthermore, you can mail your horoscope or that of your friends to them. The other categories of horoscope reading include love, finance, health, work, family, etc.

Finally, each horoscope prediction is governed by video horoscopes. This unique feature details the planetary movements of each horoscope, giving you cues to dig deeper.


  • Simple predictions
  • Avoids the complications of astrology
  • Video horoscope feature
  • Exact reading


  • There is no option of choosing the horoscopes you want to see

4. The Daily Horoscope

Kundali App

What is the next day or perhaps the next year, if you don’t know what negative energies are revolving around you today, at this very moment? For those who aren’t aware, energies of all kinds pass through and by you every waking moment of your life. And the power of all these energies is compounded after you fall asleep. We, humans, are very simple creatures, who tend to take everything on their face value. We rarely understand the potential danger people pose or the thoughts they carry deep within themselves. Often people whom we deem close to us are jealous of our achievements or not satisfied with us because we don’t live our lives according to their philosophy. So, unaware of everything, these people exude negative energies which go on to harm our health, financial status, or the accolades of hard work we bring home.

Therefore, understanding the nitty-gritty of each passing day is of utmost importance. The Daily Horoscope is one of the best Kundali software with a wide follower base of over 10 million users. Apart from the daily horoscope, this cross-platform app provides weekly, monthly, and yearly predictions as well. What’s more, this app has mastered the art of Chinese astrology as well. It will give you the animal you truly belong to and, based on the lunar calendar, will give you the exact predictions of that year. So, with The Daily Horoscope, you have Hindu and Chinese astrology. Finally, there is the compatibility section between 2 zodiac signs, a very important activity before tying the knot. Thus, no more waiting for the gurujis to take out time from their busy schedule. This Kundali software has got you all covered.


  • Easy launch and easy to use
  • You can scroll back up to a week as well
  • Free app
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope of all zodiac signs


  • Notifications are a bit messy as the ‘Please Update’ option keeps springing up even after updating

5. The TimePassages App

Kundali Software for Android

One of the most authentic and minimalistic apps that gives mPanchang a tough competition is the TimePassages App. TimePassages stands true to its name. All you got to do is enter your birth info, and if possible, the day of the week. And it will trace the combination of all the nine planets right from the day of your birth, right to the present day. This Kundali software provides you with a personal dashboard that has everything detailed in it. From the astrology chart to your compatible zodiac signs, and your future charted in the course of days, weeks, and months. It is very thoughtful of TimePassages to explain every detail of the interpretations and what each feature means because not everyone is aware of astrological jargon.

Not just your Rising Sign, but being aware of the Sun and the Moon’s position is equally important in astrology. TimePassages gives great astrological insight and personalized horoscopes of each day. The best part is that each user has their personalized horoscopes different, even if they are born on the same day. This has been verified by users across the globe, adding to TimePassages’ authenticity. And speaking of authenticity, this Kundali software comes with an innumerable count of interpretations to suit every planetary combination, and that includes Chiron as well. These aspects are really close because you can even compare the charts with progressions on the bi-wheel. This last bit is the USP of this app.


  • Extreme ease of use
  • Charts every detail right from birth to the present day
  • Everything is very clearly explained
  • Personalized dashboard


  • Absence of proper location listing

6. AstroStyle App

Kundali Software 2020

Here is a daily horoscope app solely dedicated to Apple users. Here again, the Kundali software raises its bar than its competitors because of its simplicity and authenticity. Designed by AstroTwins, the AstroStyle App comprises the best horoscope predictions from some of the most premier astrologers. Moreover, with a sleek and easy-to-use platform, this is one of the most lightweight and minimal astrology apps currently on the market. The app harps on daily horoscopes and gives top-notch advice on how to make your life all the more promising. Starting from career opportunities that are lined up on your path to the best days of love, AstroStyle has everything.

Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscope predictions are coupled with various categories such as love, career, health, family, etc. And the most interesting feature of this lightweight app is its love compatibility. Choose any 2 zodiac signs, and you will have the detailed love life report mailed, completely safe, and secure. Talking about security, AstroStyle scores really high when it comes to data privacy and protection.


  • Love Horoscope divided according to days, weeks, and months
  • Borrows from Vedic and Chinese Astrology
  • Exact predictions


  • Misses out on Janam Kundli and Kundli compatibility

7. Horoscopes & Tarot

Kundali App for PC

The art of astrology has its ancient roots spread over a lot of elements. And when it comes to faith, different people prefer adhering to different branches of the giant pool of knowledge. The Horoscopes and Tarot app is one such app that does not limit itself to simple horoscope readings.

Sure, the horoscope readings are based on studying planetary movements, but there are those who put their money on tarot card readings. Previously, people used to spend truckloads of cash and visit psychics for the purpose. But people had reasons for that. The Tarot card readings of websites and apps mostly used to be generalized readings and lacked accuracy and clarity. The Horoscopes and Tarot app have separate sections for daily horoscopes as well as tarot card readings. Apart from the weekly horoscope readings, there are separate predictions for love, career, friendship, opportunities, familial ties, etc. What makes this a really unique Kundali software is its tarot section. The Tarot section happens on a daily basis and gives you new 3-card Tarot readings everyday. You got to shuffle the 3 cards and find out your past, present, and future.


  • Accurate Tarot card readings
  • Organized horoscope readings
  • One of the most efficient Kundali software currently on the market
  • Great zodiac compatibility


  • None as of yet

8. AstroVed Assistant

Best Kundali Software for PC

One of the best professional Kundali software we couldn’t miss out on is the AstroVed Assistant App. It is a location-based app that is free, which you can personalize and customize to your heart’s content. It is a truly Indian astrological app as it is multi-lingual and is so much more than a mere horoscope reader. AstroVed Assistant is a perfect combination of mantras, Panchang, LIVE astrology, Nakshatra-based prediction of days, planetary movements, and so many different elements.

Despite being so many things at once, this app is extremely easy in its operations. Added to the aforementioned elements, there is also Hora’s prediction (auspicious hours of a day), Good and bad days in a week, Chandrashtama sign of any chosen day, and last but not least, dasa bhakti changes. What’s more, with the latest update, one can easily talk about all their problems and ask various questions to the artificially regulated bot. This feature ensures that all the latest available info is dispatched to the users. Avoiding pitfalls in life and embracing good luck hasn’t been easier.


  • Versatile prediction app
  • Artificial intelligence induced application
  • A lot of elements of astrology punched in
  • Accurate predictions


  • Many users pointed out the new update makes the app a bit slower

9. My Horoscope App

Best Kundali App for PC

This Kundali software is one of the simplest fortune-telling apps on our list. It gives out only horoscopes, but it does that perfectly. All kinds of horoscope readings perfectly divided into categories make My Horoscope App one of the most trustworthy, lightweight Kundali software. It has a neat and minimal interface that will allow people to have thorough predictions of the day, the week, and the month. What’s more, you can easily share the predictions as well as find what the app has to say about your family members. If you need simple horoscope readings, My Horoscope is apt for you.


  • Simple interface
  • Lightweight
  • Cross-platform


  • Cannot predict anything more than horoscopes

10. Chaturanga Astrology App

Top Kundali App in 2020

If you have had enough apps and none could predict your life correctly, please don’t get disheartened just yet. Here is Chaturanga for you, one of the worthiest real-time Kundali software that you would really enjoy. There are people who prefer heart-to-heart chat or live sessions with astrologers. All you gotta do is enter your birthdate and let the app do the magic. Chaturanga instantly connects to its server, which comprises a host of some of the most famous astrologers who will advise you based on your numerology chart. But this is not all. You will be amazed by the underlying technology which forms the core of the app. Based on the father of all kinds of astrology known as Jyotish Vidya, it is the perfect amalgam of Vedic astrology, Western astrology, numerology, and horary birth chart.

Although this astrology form is not based on the sun, like in Western astrology, there are some aspects that the former borrows from the West. Once you are connected to any of the astrologers, you can dig as deep as you want to. You can ask about love compatibility, the best time to get married, the best places to live judging by the planetary positions, career or business opportunities that are favouring you at any given point in time, you name it. Chaturanga has got you covered in every aspect, starting from horoscope readings to the perfection of your natal charts.


  • Very easy to operate
  • Live chat with professional astrologers
  • Accurate predictions


  • None as of yet

So, there you are, updated with all the latest info on the various Kundali software currently trending the market. But on the rare chance if they don’t suit you, here are a few more.

Top 23 Kundali Software to Get Your Prediction Right!

Almost all of us love to have a plethora of options. Keeping that in mind, we have provided a list of 23 apps. Take a look and download whatever you want.

  1. mPanchang
  2. AstroSage Kundli
  3. Horoscopes App
  4. The Daily Horoscope
  5. The TimePassages App
  6. AstroStyle App
  7. Horoscopes & Tarot
  8. AstroVed Assistant
  9. My Horoscope App
  10. Chaturanga Astrology App
  11. The True Horoscope App
  12. Taaraka – Technology Powers Astrology
  13. JyotishApp – Astrology Jyotish
  14. Saptarishis Astrologer’s Desk
  15. Remaking Future
  16. Hora Astrology and Horoscope
  17. Ask Real Vedic Astrologers Online: Astro Veda
  18. Uranus Astrology App
  19. Yodha My Astrology & Horoscope
  20. Chaldean Numerology Calculator
  21. Cosmic Insights Astrology
  22. VeBest Numerology
  23. align 27 – Daily Astrology


All the apps detailed above will help you rise high in life and touch the zenith of success in every sphere. Not everyone is born with the boon of Midas’ touch, but with these apps, you definitely can acquire the skills required to reach there. We hope you gain a lot of astrological insights into this Kundali software. Stay tuned for more reviews, and good luck!