Valorant Episode 4: Neon Guide

Neon – The New Agent

The Valorant’s Episode 4 is available and the new agent in the game.

 The game fans have been getting acquainted with the most recent Sentinel that was added; however, Riot has shown no sign of slowing down as they continue to release new content each episode. 

The most recent update to the Valorant roster is the speedy Duelist called Neon. 

A gamer will see her provide an enthralling game experience.

In the same way that Agent 18 is proving to be one of Valorant’s most popular and famous releases for agents, Episode 4 caused problems for the game’s developers. 

The servers were able to handle the load, and they had to turn off the in-game custom game and the practice area to lessen the burden. 

With the number of players trying to play Neon in-game, some prefer to hold off the game Neon until the excitement goes down. 

No matter what, we’ll give you an in-depth overview and tutorial on Neon here.

Who is Neon?

Agent 18 is a Radiant with electric-themed powers that allow her to speed up and glide across the map. Neon can speed through her adversaries, causing them to be confused by their speed and agility before eventually delivering devastating shots. 

The new agent was created to take on Jett since the Operator meta took over the field since Chamber was launched.

Neon, also known as Sprinter, is among the first instances of Southeast Asian representation in a AAA gaming game. The speedster’s agent is Filipino who hails from The city of Manila. 

Riot has been praised for representing the character to the highest level in the form that Neon has been recorded with the help of Filipina Vanille Velasquez. 

It was also created with Filipino Ryan Cousart and evaluated for quality through Pinay Gabby Llanillo. 

The official trailer for Neon also included the track “Entertain Me” by Ylona Garcia, a Filipina.

Valorant has made sure that its employees represent different countries around the globe. 

Since the introduction of Neon, Riot has finally become a part of the SEA community, which represents one of the most significant communities.

 As the game progresses, Agent 18 will not be the only agent out of Southeast Asia.

What are Neon’s Skills?

The latest agent’s skills have got the Valorant community thrilled because she has gameplay similar to fast-paced games such as Apex. But, her arsenal has some pros split as they believe her debut could ruin the FPS game’s classic, exact gameplay. Here are the capabilities of Neon:

  • Fast Lane Fast Lane Neon raises both hands to draw the energy lines along both sides. The energy walls will extend for a specific distance or until a surface blocks them. The division will stop the view of all those who cross the lines will suffer damage. The skill is priced at 300 credits at the shop.
  • Relay Bolt Relay Bolt Neon discharges bolt energy that bounces twice before hitting another area. The initial bounce and the final location struck by the bolt cause the ground below it to become electrified, which can crush anyone beneath them. The skill is priced at 200 credits from the shop.
  • High Gear High Gear Neon can immediately harness her energy to increase her sprinting speed. After charging, pressing alt FIRE will cause Neon to start into an electrical slide. Slides can be played following two kills. This is a free feature and doesn’t require credits.
  • Overdrive – Neon unlocks her full potential and gains speeds that increase for a brief time. In addition, she’ll be able to shoot lightning bolts with high-damaging damage at her fingertips, with incredible accuracy in movement. Although the beam of lightning goes out quickly, its duration is reset after a kill.

The question of whether Neon will break or be disappointing is to be determined as the community is beginning to incorporate Neon into the larger meta. But, experts have predicted that Neon’s Judge shotgun would dominate the game again because of her speed. And speed.

Tips on How to Play Neon

It could take some time for players to become comfortable with Neon’s capabilities. However, some helpful tips can help players get an understanding of Neon’s capabilities:

  • Neon’s High Gear makes her run 35 percent more quickly. Utilize this technique to gain access to locations and get into places that aren’t generally targeted.
  • Utilizing a slide with a wide-peek opponent will give players the best chance of survival because her hitbox is more minor and how quickly she moves through the fall.
  • The Slide is only replenished at least once per round.
  • Make use of Relay Bolt to eliminate many perspectives and corners.
  • The concussive zone of Relay Bolt can penetrate walls, and so even if a foe has a back wall, if they’re within the area of the effect, they’ll still be injured.
  • Fast Lane is similar to Phoenix’s wall, except that the walls of Neon do not heal her.
  • Fast Lane could damage a variety of objects, including Cypher’s cameras and traps, Skye’s dogs, and the drone of Sova. But, it cannot cause damage or destruction to Killjoy’s devices.
  • Neons ultimate utilizes the same fuel that she uses in Neon’s top uses the same fuel as High Gear. Utilizing both abilities simultaneously will cause the fuel to be depleted quicker.
  • It kills only refill a quarter of fuel. Therefore players should refrain from spamming Overdrive excessively.
  • Neon will show a tiny animation when her ammo is zero while using Overdrive. This animation opens an area for enemies to attack Neon. Be careful not to let the ammo level get to the level of 0.
  • Neon’s Overdrive can deal damage evenly regardless of which body part is struck. Utilize this feature by hitting massive hitboxes.

Since Agent 18 brings that fast-paced shooting action into Valorant, fans are waiting to find out how she fits in the current meta. So unlock Neon now and start running circles around opponents.