Useful Online Resources You Should Know About

Technological advancement has made everything quickly and easily achievable. You can get about 80% of your to-do list in the comfort of your home if you know the right online platforms to visit. How many people still go to restaurants for takeaway food while you can still order on your phone? The online network has become the one-stop solution to most of our problems. That said, here is a look at some valuable online resources you should know.

1. Freelance Sites for Affordable Part-time Staff

Sometimes it is impractical or makes no sense to recruit full-time staff, yet you work on seasonal projects. This is why we mention freelancing websites where you can hire a freelancer to get the job done. Platforms such as Freelancer and Upwork provide access to freelancers with a wide range of expertise. You can effortlessly and quickly find a professional for your work or project. You can explore Fiverr, SimplyHired, and People per Hour, among many other freelancing websites

2. Networking and Finding a Job Online

We all know that networking is essential to getting any job. Online networking platforms are used for professional networking and career advancement, with job seekers and employers able to publish CVs and vacancies. Finding a job is now simpler than ever!

Whether you want to start your career with an internship or transition from your present employment to one that is more suitable, these platforms make it easier. For example, LinkedIn has over 830 million members whom you can interact with professionally. Hence, you stand a chance of networking with the right people in your field. Nevertheless, online job seeking and networking is not only limited to LinkedIn. There are other alternatives for you to explore. However, if you need to contact someone who has a private profile, use Nuwber to find their contacts.

3. Information Sharing Platforms

Sometimes, you encounter trials online and are unsure about the response to a question. While others close to you may want to assist you, they may not have an understanding of what you want. A sizable community of people on online forums like Quora is always ready to respond to your question based on their personal experience. It brings together those who have the knowledge to share with the world and others who might benefit from it.

Professionals may share their expertise, clarify myths, and engage in spirited arguments in a secure environment on Quora. Users may also network, follow topics of interest, and select the answers they think are most accurate by casting votes. Additionally, some forums address certain topics, such as Stack Overflow, which is more specific to tech issues.

4. Personal Development Forums

Self-development is essential if you want to thrive in life. It’s not only about nurturing your talents but also about developing and gaining new knowledge. It should not shock you why so many self-development platforms are available nowadays. These platforms will help you achieve your set target at your convenience.   

For instance, Mindbloom is a fantastic platform that employs the right engaging tools to emphasize personal growth. More so, you can acquire the Live Happy app, which focuses on motivating individuals to have fulfilling lives with the aid of community awareness. Other personal development forums include TED, Cerego, Coursera, and Future Learn.

5. Platforms for Writing Assistance

Are you experiencing writer’s block? AI writing assistance has revolutionized writing. They can help you come up with not only article ideas but also complete blogs! Some of the known writing assistant platforms include ShortlyAI. Despite a small and affordable fee on this platform, it can generate a whole blog for you. Grammarly, on the other hand, helps detect grammatical errors and provides you with alternative words to use.

A platform like Jamboard helps you develop and organize your writing ideas for a smooth flow in your work. One of the drawbacks of AI writing assistant tools is that they cannot write as well as humans. Although it is a tool that can aid you with your writing, it cannot take the position of human editors.

6. Online Think Tanks

One of the main challenges facing brands today is content creation due to a lack of the right expertise. However, this does not have to be a problem anymore when you can utilize the amazing resources and tools the internet provides for content production. These platforms help businesses and brands enhance their content, even with a limited workforce. Such websites include Potent, Hubspot Blog Topic Generator, and Buzzsumo.

7. Keep Up with Trending Topics

If you have Google Trends, you won’t miss out on the latest trends. It is a platform that shows the latest news and updates. You might immediately opt for Twitter while looking for hot topics, as it is perhaps the most recognized platform. You can know what is happening in real-time using trending hashtags. However, Twitter is not the only platform you can use to discover the latest news. You can also use forums such as Buzzfeed and YouTube trends to keep tabs on trending matters.

8. Making Money Online

The advantage of the internet is its ability to earn money through sales forums. First, you can opt to sell items on platforms such as eBay, Social Media, Amazon, or Handshake. Other money-making ways include freelancing and exchanging your skills for money. Another approach to generating money online is through YouTube monetization. You would be shocked to know how much you can earn on YouTube.

9. Business Marketing

Are you looking to expand the reach of your business? Knowing where to find the most recent information and ideal digital marketing tools is essential as digital marketing constantly evolves. Where can you find the top digital marketing resources? HubSpot, HubSpot Academy, Google Ads Blog, and Wordstream are the best, among others.

10. Online Learning

Technology has changed how we do a lot of things. Thanks to the internet, we now have access to a vast array of information and learning resources. You can now stop stressing about attending classes and studying online without leaving the comfort of your room. These learning platforms include Coursera, YouTube, Khan Academy, Quizlet, and Wikipedia. 


Life is so much easier as technology continues to expand its reach. Online resources have become a popular alternative to traditional information and intelligence access. Thanks to the revolution through innovation, numerous resources are accessible to everyone via the online network.