How to Salvage in V Rising

Salvage in V Rising: Players will discover that specific weapons and artifacts in V Rising are tag as “salvageable” when they begin to collect them. 

It is feasible to deconstruct these products into their basic materials, and many enthusiasts interest in doing so. 

However, there is little in-game guidance on how to salvage in V Rising; therefore, this article will help gamers through the process.

V Rising: How to Salvage Weapons

Players who want to salvage their unwanted things will need to access the Devourer, a unique chest made of 12 Planks and six Copper Ingots. 

However, fans of survival games will be unable to construct this container right away after beginning the game since they must first obtain its blueprint. 

Players must defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer, a Level 26 monster who can track through the Blood Altar.

The Blood Altar is a significant structure in V Rising that players will build within their castles as they complete tasks. Players may interact with a Blood Altar to view a list of bosses they can hunt after establish.

When fans choose one of those bosses and click the “Track Blood” button under their photo, a crimson trail appears. And which fans may follow right to the adversary they want to defeat.

Players may return to their castles and construct the Devourer after completing this phase and defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer. Fans should engage with this chest after it has been put under Refinement, accessible via the Production tab of the Build menu. 

Players should then place the objects they want to salvage into one of the Devourer’s input slots. Then wait for their V Rising raw materials to emerge in the output slots.

Players will win a variety of different goodies in addition to the Devourer blueprint by conquering Blood Altar bosses. Fans may, for example, unlock the Tannery by defeating Keely the Frost Archer, a Level 20 foe. Then allowing them to produce Leather in V Rising. 

Therefore, the Blood Altar is a crucial tool, and it is advise that players get acquainted with its capabilities as soon as possible.