Twitter begins testing the ‘Shops’ feature in order to boost ecommerce.

Twitter begins testing the ‘Shops’ feature : According to the company on Wednesday, Twitter Inc will experiment with companies showing up to 50 items to sell on their accounts as part of a plan to grab interest from the estimated $4 billion U.S. market for so-called social commerce.

Facebook and Instagram, which Meta Platforms Inc controls, have been the leaders in social commerce, allowing sellers to create virtual shops and sell items.

The beta test of Twitter Shops will be available to businesses selected across the United States and will be visible to those using their Twitter iPhone app, the company announced.

U.S. wireless carrier Verizon is one of the partners in the tests was the first to feature iPhone accessories and chargers for wireless devices in their Twitter shop on Wednesday.

After viewing the product on Twitter, users are directed to the merchant’s website to complete their purchase.

The text expands on the previous feature Twitter tested earlier this year, allowing companies to display up to five items on Twitter profiles.

The company based in San Francisco has also been testing live-streamed shopping.

It allows people to buy clothes, accessories, and other products while watching live video clips of its items.