The Truth About Torrid Credit Card – 2022 Review

Torrid is known for its plus-size clothing and accessories for women size 10 to 30. Some of the products don’t come cheap, but they still have a steady flow of customers. The reason is simple: besides the comfortable apparel, the store offers a handful of savings for patrons who know where to look. In addition to that is the introduction of the Torrid credit card, which can boost your Torrid benefits even more. 

Torrid Credit Card

Torrid Credit Card

Intro Bonus: 40% off on first online purchases

Regular APR: 24.99%

Credit Score: 640 above (Fair to Good)

Annual Fee: $0


  • Applicants must first make a Torrid Rewards account to apply for a card.
  • The card offers a 5% discount on your everyday purchases.
  • It provides a 40% discount on your first online purchases. 
  • The Torrid credit card comes with a relatively high APR of 24.99%.
  • There is no annual fee for the card.

Torrid Credit Card Full Review:

The Torrid credit card is an annual fee-free closed-loop CC depending greatly on the store’s rewards program. Besides providing the same benefits and perks Torrid Rewards members are already getting, it will help you get some additions. It offers 5% off on everyday purchases at Torrid stores and and will also provide 40% off on your first online purchase, together with a special discount coupon that comes with your card in the mail.

Under the Torrid Rewards program and using the card, you can earn one point for every dollar spent and receive a reward when you reach 250 points. This is where the three tiers enter:

  • The Torrid Insider ($0 to 499 purchases per year)
  • Torrid Loyalist ($500+ purchases per year)
  • The Torrid VIP ($1,000+ purchases per year)
Torrid Rewards Program Tier Benefits

Torrid Rewards Program Tier Benefits

All the tiers will receive a $25 Torrid Cash coupon for every $50 spent, a birthday gift every year, and rewards for every 250 points collected. For the last, however, the amount of bonus you will receive will depend on your tier. With this, the Torrid Insider only gets $10 for every 250 points, while the Torrid Loyalists and Torrid VIP receive $15 and $20, respectively. Furthermore, the two higher tiers can have free standard shipping and access to a dedicated customer service line. The Torrid VIP also gets additional access to exclusive events and free returns.

Torrid rewards

Torrid encourages members to earn points by accomplishing different tasks.

The program also provides other means for members to collect more points. For instance, you can earn 1 point by clicking the marketing email of the store every day, 25 points for sharing a product review with a photo, 25 points for linking your Instagram account to your Torrid Rewards account, 25 points for posting an Insta photo, 10 points for sharing a product on Facebook and Pinterest, and more. However, in receiving the points, it is essential to note that they may take some time depending on the task you have accomplished. Also, the points expire after 13 consecutive months of not purchasing anything. With this, it is necessary to make a single purchase every year. 

Final Thoughts:

The Torrid store offers serious savings to all its shoppers. That is all possible through the Torrid Rewards program that serves as the basic foundation of the Torrid credit card. Without the card, you can enjoy the perks of the program. As long as you have the free Torrid Rewards account, you can get your hands on various store discounts. Some include 50% off on clearance items, 30% off on regular-priced products, 25% off on select styles, buy-one-get-one-50% deals, and more.

With that, is a Torrid credit card necessary? The Torrid store is already full of discounts that you can get without a card. Just sign up for a free Torrid Rewards program account, and you’re good to go. However, if you want consistent 5% off on almost all your purchases, you can consider a Torrid credit card. It charges $0 annual fees, but be aware that owning a card can subject you to a high APR of 24.99%. That means additional responsibility to you, so paying your entire balance by the due date each month is required. Also, keep in mind that the rewards program only applies to your store purchases. If that is a concern for you, especially if you are not a frequent shopper at Torrid, opting for a general rewards card is more ideal. Some of those cards are from Capital One, Bank of America, Discover, and Chase.