Top 5 celebrities paid in Bitcoin!

Everyone is pretty sure that the modern finance ecosystem will drive the future. Everyone who is using the traditional system of making transfers today is going to stick to cryptocurrencies only. But when will that happen? Well, it will not be any longer when everyone uses cryptocurrencies to make their daily transfers, and the payments at the vast level will also be made with the help of digital tokens. It is not only the industries as well as the banking system which are adopting the concept of cryptocurrencies today, but there are a lot of celebrities who are also paying a lot of contributions towards excepting the cryptocurrency space. Yes, you need to understand that a few celebrities worldwide accept payments in the form of cryptocurrency to support it. Moreover, if you are interested to start your trading journey, trust only legit websites like

Cryptocurrencies have always received a lot of support from Hollywood and Bollywood. However, celebrities are not only the people who act in movies and TV shows. They also include famous personalities across the world. The people who are highly influential to others are considered to be celebrities and influencers. Nowadays, the world is ruled by a lot of sports players, movie stars, musicians, and others, and they have a lot of influence on people. So, today, it is crucial for everyone to know about the celebrities supporting the concept of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, to ensure that you are entirely enlightened about this kind of information, we have prepared a list of celebrities who can support the whole ecosystem of crypto in the future. The celebrities who were paid using bitcoin or given below.

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50 Cent

The first viral celebrity we will talk about is none other than a famous musician. The basic idea behind accepting the bitcoin of this celebrity is to support and popularise his new album, animal ambition. While working on this album in 2014, he was given 700 bitcoins in June 2014. The valuation of bitcoin was almost 662 back at that time. He was paid around $460,000 for selling his new album. Moreover, this celebrity today holds more than $8 million worth of bitcoins in his holdings.

Russell Okung

In the year 2020, the partner of the Carolina Panthers decided to receive his payment in the form of bitcoin so that he could also support the system of cryptocurrencies in the future. The total payment he received in the form of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin was more than $13 million, and, therefore, he made headlines. Today, he says that he is actively supporting the critical cryptocurrency ecosystem, and he also uses digital tokens for making purchases on a large scale. He is purchasing a very highly expensive commodity; he pays using bitcoin so that he can easily support the cryptocurrency.

Mel B

He is a former member of the British pop group and a viral celebrity on the British artist list. He decided to accept his payment in the form of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin back in 2013 and became the first to accept cryptocurrency payments for his art and talent. Moreover, he is well recognized worldwide for supporting the whole ecosystem of digital tokens like bitcoin. Also, he has a massive stack of bitcoins in his closet and is highly popular.

Sean Culkin

It is the chief of Kansas City, and he decided to convert his entire salary into bitcoins in 2021. His salary was very high, and he collected a lot of it. To convert it into bitcoin, he had to pay a lot of charges, but still, he managed to get bitcoins worth $920,000. It is a very significant sum for anyone who is the chief of the city, but he made a lot of dollars after that; when the prices of bitcoin started to rise and reach the highest price in November 2021, he sold it off and, Made millions of dollars.

Trevor Lawrence

In the list of most celebrities, another one we will talk about is Trevor Lawrence, an athlete. He started to accept his salary publicly with the help of bitcoins in 2021. Even though he left his partnership with the team for which he was playing, he kept accepting the payments for his endorsements and other things in the form of bitcoins only. Therefore, He became one of the active supporters of the bitcoin framework globally.