Top 10 Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL History

Hyderabad: Mumbai Indians’ Kieron Pollard during the Final match of IPL 2019 between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad, on May 12, 2019. (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)

Who is the Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL

IPL is currently the most followed domestic cricket league. It has a huge fan following from all around the globe. The most talented national and international players participate in this league every year. And you get a chance to witness some highly carved shots.

IPL is a T20 league and it celebrates its collection of talented batsmen. Also, batting is the primary asset of any T20 game. And it is what IPL is famous for, the power-hitting.

Over the course of years, IPL has witnessed some of the strongest performances by its batsmen. Hereunder we’ve enlisted the most dangerous batsman in IPL history.

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10. One of The IPL Most Dangerous Batsman Andre Russell

Current Team: Kolkata Knight Riders

This Jamaican batsman has been part of the KKR team since 2015 and is the major reason for many of KKR’s wins. Andre started his IPL career back in 2012 however, he rose to popularity after he joined KKR. Knight Riders, in fact, appeared as the finalists in the last IPL 2021 season. And though they ended up as runners-up, the team performed well throughout the season.

Russell’s outstanding performance over the course of years is definitely the reason why he is among the most dangerous batsmen in IPL history. He has played 81 IPL matches and has scored 1680 runs.

9. Dangerous Batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Current Team: Chennai Super Kings

The former Indian skipper and the current captain of the most dangerous team of IPL, CSK, MS Dhoni is one of the most remarkable cricketers around the globe. He is loved enough by his fans and has a huge fan following over the globe, even after he retires from international cricket.

In fact, CSK is known for Dhoni and his Tamil fans have given him a nickname, Thalla. Dhoni’s outclass performances and his exceptional leadership have won CSK 4 IPL titles.

8. IPL Dangerous Batsman Chris Gayle

Current Team: Punjab Kings

No doubt, Chris Gayle has made major contributions to IPL’s fame. He started his IPL career with KKR but it was RCB where Chris gained the most fame. His partnerships with Virat and other power openers were the best. And also, those were the times when he scored the most runs of his IPL career. He has played 140 IPL matches and has scored 4950 runs so far.

7. Dangerous Batsman of IPL David Warner

Current Team: Sunrisers Hyderabad

Seventh on our list is David Warner. This foreign player started his IPL career with Delhi Capitals and is now part of the SRH team. David holds the record for the highest runs by any foreign player in an IPL season. SRH won their maiden IPL titles under David’s captaincy.

And overall he has played 148 IPL matches with 5447 runs. Warner is easily one of the most dangerous batsmen of IPL with a strike rate of 140.1.

6. Dangerous Batsman in IPL Suresh Raina 

Current Team: Chennai Super Kings

Suresh is undoubtedly among the most feared names of IPL. This left-handed batsman is known for his sheer consistency and ability to finish the match single-handedly. He is also known as the Mr. IPL.

Raina is currently part of the Chennai Super Kings and he has played a total of 200 IPL matches with a net score above 5000. He has a strike rate of 136.9 and was one of the highest-scoring IPL batsmen before Virat Kohli took over.

5. Dangerous Batsmen of IPL Shikhar Dhawan

Current Team: Delhi Capitals

This is another Indian batsman among the most dangerous IPL players. Shikhar started his IPL career with Delhi and then tried his skills with a bunch of other teams as well before moving back to his Delhi team.

He is currently an integral part of the Delhi Capitals and is known as their most dangerous player. Shikhar has the ability to turn the game into court whenever he wants.

4. One of The Most Dangerous Batsmen in IPL AB de Villiers

Current Team: Royal Challengers Bangalore

When you’re talking about the most dangerous man in the IPL, you cannot skip this name. AB is currently part of the RCB team_ the team with the finest batsmen of all time. And AB is undoubted, the one. His partnerships with Kohli have earned RCB some major wins.

And it is being said when AB is on the ground, there will be no need for other batsmen to play. He surely is the best finisher in IPL history. AB de Villiers has played 176 IPL matches with over 5000 runs.

3. Dangerous Batsman of IPL Virat Kohli 

Current Team: Royal Challengers Bangalore

Virat is undoubtedly the name that needs no introduction. He is the most successful and dangerous Indian cricketer. Virat started his IPL career in 2008 and since then he has been a part of RCB_ the longest by any IPL player. Also, Virat became the skipper of the team in 2013 and remained in his position for the longest time until 2021. He has played 199 IPL matches and has 6076 runs.

2. One of The Most Dangerous Batsmen Rohit Sharma

Current Team: Mumbai Indians

This MI skipper is known among the best finishers in IPL history. MI has won many IPL titles under his captaincy and he is currently the most expensive retained player among Ravindra Jadeja and others. MI paid a whopping amount of 16 crores to retain Rohit Sharma. Rohit has a strike rate of 130.5 with 207 matches.

1. Most Dangerous Player in IPL Kieron Pollard 

Current Team: Mumbai Indians

Another MI player has made his way to our list of most dangerous IPL players. Kieron has been part of the MI team since 2010 and has played innumerable victories for the team. Overall, Pollard has played 171 IPL matches that include all the five victories of MI and have a strike rate of 150.9.