This year Samsung reduced its smartphone shipment target

Dropping smartphone shipments have recently become the new standard. According to a Canalys analysis, worldwide smartphone shipments decreased by 9% in Q2 of 2022.

The situation is only anticipated to deteriorate in the days to come. Furthermore, it seems that Samsung has abandoned its 2022 goal for smartphone shipments, suggesting that the corporation has previously foreseen the decline.

TheElec, a Korean newspaper, said that Samsung is revising its manufacturing plan for 2022. The business has decreased this year’s previously stated 260 million smartphone shipment goal from 300 million units.

The initial 334 million smartphone production goal. Out of the 334 million devices, Samsung would have produced 284 million in-house, and the remaining 50 million would have gone to joint-development manufacturers in China. The corporation changed the data and is now rethinking its choice.

According to the article, the South Korean manufacturer intends to produce 34 million cellphones by itself between October and November. This is much less than previous quarters and the same period a few years ago.

For comparison, despite the pandemic’s many difficulties in 2020, Samsung still delivered 250 million smartphones. In 2021, the epidemic subsided a little, which undoubtedly benefited the business as it produced 300 million pieces and delivered 270 million of them. Even if it successfully delivers the predicted units, which is improbable, its revised aim for 2022 is lower than that.

Sources claim that this year’s lower expectations result from supply chain problems, decreasing consumer demand, and increased inflation.

Nearly all OEMs, not just Samsung, struggle due to these problems. Apple is the one business that doesn’t seem to be impacted.