The Nokia 2660 Flip is now available in the UK for €64.99

The launch of the Nokia 2660 Flip in the UK is aimed at Nokia’s older customer base. The new foldable Nokia phone has an expanded UI, a bigger keypad, and more extensive control buttons.

With these features in the Nokia 2660 Flip, Nokia Mobile hopes to meet the demands of the senior population. It also includes hearing aid compatibility (HAC) for older people with hearing issues.

The Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), a power-saving OS, is used by the Nokia Flip phone, which has a 1,450mAh battery. The battery may keep the gadget running for many days on a single charge.

The Nokia 2660 Flip has a standby period of many weeks. The 2660 Flip provides superior ergonomics for older people so they can flip their phones open to answer a call.

They don’t need to worry about where the microphone and earphones are placed. Additionally, the phone contains an emergency call button that may use to make quick contact with family members in an emergency.

While the phone costs €64.99 ($66), the Nokia 2660 Flip is charged via the Nokia Charging Cradle, which is available separately for €19.99 ($20).

The Nokia 2660 Flip will be on sale at the end of August. It is available in three shades: blue, black, and red.