Sony introduces the Alpha 7 IV Camera In India.

Sony has announced the launch of the newly-released Alpha 7 IV interchangeable lens camera in India. 

The camera features the latest full-frame sensor of 33MP and a brand new flash HVL-F60RM2. Let’s take a look at the information.

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Sony Alpha 7 IV: Specifications and Features

Sony Alpha 7 IV comes with the high-end BIONZ XR engine for image processing and better image quality compared to the previous camera Alpha 7 III. 

It also has advanced autofocus features that allow real-time tracking (can monitor animals and birds’ eyes) and is 30 percent better than its predecessor.

The camera supports 33MP resolution to alter the meaning of what is a “basic” camera could achieve. 

The full-frame 33MP back-illuminated Exmor R image sensor permits to provide better clarity and less noise.

With the variety of options it offers, there’s the S-Cinetone-backed 4K video recording to give the videos a complete and cinematic appearance. 

It supports 4K at 60fps and 30fps at 4K, with 7K oversampling when in full-frame mode. It also features a 10-bit color sampler with a 4:2:2 depth to allow a natural gradient.

Sony Alpha 7 IV is a hybrid video and still camera that allows people to toggle between the two modes.

 It also features five-axis optical image stabilization in the body and a brand new cooling system that helps keep the camera cool throughout long video recording sessions. 

Also, it allows seamless connectivity to smartphones through its Imaging Edge Mobile app.

Other Sony Alpha 7 IV features include XAVC S-I intra-frame encoding to allow faster edit workflows XAVC High-Speed for greater efficiency of compression and Mark to Mark to allow access to specific scenes within a live video stream, support for live streaming, Remote access, and many more.

In addition, the latest Sony HVL-F60RM2 flash is equipped with 20-200mm and GN-60 coverage. It’s designed to ” offer precise control, improved speed, and intuitive use.”

 The flash features enhanced flash shooting capabilities up to 200 times faster at 10 frames per second. 

It also has an optimized algorithm that makes it more resistant to overheating. 

The time it takes to release the flash has been reduced, allowing users to capture instantaneous expressions of facial expressions and movements.

Price and the availability

Its costs Rs 2,42 4,90(body-only) and 262 490 Rs (body + 28-70 Zoom Lens). 

The Sony HVL-60RM2 flash costs $46,000. The entire range is accessible for purchase via Sony Center, Alpha Flagship stores, portal, major electronic stores, as well as Amazon India and Flipkart.