Buying guide for the Apple iPhone SE 5G

Apple iPhone SE 5G: Apple launched the brand new iPhone SE 5G worldwide last night. 

The new iPhone is now equipped with an improved processor, higher-quality camera and 5G connectivity over the previous iPhone SE. There’s nothing to be changed on the design side.

The brand new iPhone SE 5G comes in three colours and three storage options. The following are the specs for each of them.

All the iPhone SE 5G Variants

The iPhone SE 5G is available in three sizes: 64GB (priced at $ 43,900) 128GB (priced at Rs 48,900) and the 256GB (priced at 58,900).

Each of these variations is available in three different colours: Midnight (Apple’s shade of black), Starlight (Apple’s shade of white) and PRODUCT Red (A red colour variant that contributes to Apple’s worldwide Covid-19 relief fund).

Additionally, you can invest an additional 8900 rupees for the AppleCare+ coverage plan, providing benefits such as service with Apple experts repair, battery replacements, and protection against accidental damage.

What’s inside this box?

The box for the brand new iPhone SE 5G comes with the iPhone itself and a USB-C to Lightning cable. 

There isn’t a charging brick; however, you can buy one on Apple’s website.

A USB-powered charging brick could cost you around Rs. 1,900 (12W), Rs. 4,900 (30W), Rs. 5,900 (67W), or Rs. 9,500 (140W).

It is essential to note this iPhone SE doesn’t support faster-charging speeds, which means you’re better off getting one with 12W. 

However, if you have several Apple devices to charge, you could opt for the more powerful models.

How to pre-book the iPhone SE 5G?

After choosing all the information for your particular model, you can visit the Apple website and book for your iPhone SE 5G. 

Its product pages are online; however, the pre-booking process will begin on March 11. Shipping will start the following week, the 18th of March.