The most unusual facts about ten car logos

One of the most interesting trends in the history of logos is automotive heraldry. The logos of most vehicle manufacturing companies reflect the life history of their leaders, the history of the company’s development, and interesting facts about the cars themselves.

It is not always easy to guess which area of ​​the life of an enterprise or person reflects the coat of arms of the vehicle. At the same time, each company wants to convey some important information to its customers. Let’s analyze the most interesting stories of famous logos that are on everyone’s lips.

Alfa Romeo

The name of the company comes from the name of the founder of the company – Alfa Nicola Romeo. He entrusted the creation of the logo to a well-known artist named Romano Cataneo. As inspiration, the artist used the coat of arms of Milan, where they founded a car manufacturing company.

Cataneo added the coat of arms of the famous Milanese Visconti family to it. According to legend, it was Visconti who managed to defeat the dragon-eating people in the vicinity of the Italian city.


The name of the organization comes from the name of a native of Gascony, who founded the city of Detroit in 1701 and gave him his family coat of arms. Its founder used the name of a famous person and the coat of arms of his native city to convey to the people the knowledge of a cult moment in history.

Initially, the company was called Cadillac, but over time, the well-known name Cadillac took root.


The emblem of the Swedish car company comes from the ancient Roman symbol of the god of fertility named Mars. Later, Mars became the god of war. The high quality of steel produced in Sweden is marked by military symbols that are understood all over the world.


The famous logo in the form of four rings appeared back in 1932. Jorgen Rasmussen, a well-known German entrepreneur, merged four vehicle manufacturing companies. Each of them retained its own logo but maintained a common emblem in the form of four rings.

After the Second World War, organizations stopped working on the production of cars, as they fell into the zone of Soviet occupation. However, in 1965, Audi continued to work under a new logo in the form of the well-known four rings.


The name of the company comes from the names of its founders – the Maserati brothers. They were born in the city of Bologna, the center of which is decorated with Neptune Square with the famous trident. It was he who became the central element of the logo, which is known to most of the inhabitants of the planet. Even today, the trident of Neptune is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting sights of Bologna.


The circle, which represents the shape of the emblem, symbolizes Japan’s national symbol, the sun. Initially, it was red, but closer to the present, it changed its color to gray. At the same time, the symbol of the sun remained on the national flag of the country.

Mercedes Benz

The original logo of the well-known Mercedes-Benz automobile company was a star with three rays, which symbolizes the high quality of Daimler engines designed for land, sea, and air transport. Over time, the coat of arms acquired a circle around the star, which made the emblem more elegant and attractive.


In the 1930s, the company’s logo was the silhouette of an airship called a Zeppelin. It symbolized the advantage of German industry over other countries.

In the future, the organization began to produce and sell trucks, which depicted lightning. They enjoyed wide popularity all over the world. Therefore, the founders of the company decided to leave lightning as the main element of the emblem, which flaunts on the hoods of cars to this day.

To independently study the silhouettes depicted on the emblem, you can see all the famous car logos.


The logo in the form of a lion originally appeared in a company that was engaged in the production of metal products. Later, she switched to the production of cars, which quickly gained wide popularity among buyers from all over the world.

The use of the figure of the king of beasts is explained by the presence of the same coat of arms in the province in which the founder of the enterprise was born.


The central element of the logo is the coat of arms of Stuttgart, in which the founder of the company opened his business in 1931. It was here that he began his development and gained wide popularity around the world.

The history of creating logos for car and other vehicle companies seems simple, but it is filled with very valuable facts that relate to the life, thoughts, and desires of their founders. Each of them wanted to convey to the people their thoughts, which tormented and delighted them every day in the process of creating and developing the largest business on the planet.