The latest session update is the largest yet in the game.

The latest session update: The session is among the skateboarding games that are accessible on modern consoles. 

It was funded successfully through Kickstarter in 2017 and has been available in Early Access on PC and Xbox One since 2019. 

The game has received improvements and updates to content since the beginning, but it received the biggest update to date this week.

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New Characters, Locations, and More! Come to the Skateboarding Simulator

This update is expected to bring numerous modifications to the game as per Creature Studios.

 The update comes with an intro trailer that demonstrates the changes. Skating is smoother now. 

It is now more realistic, as characters come with animations based on real-world skaters. 

Many of these have been added to Session when it comes to real-life skaters.

 Antiferg Mark Appleyard, Billy Marks, Manny Santiago, and Beagle are available in Session.

A new set of customization items has also been included in the sport, as players have four personal avatars that they can choose from and new clothing items.

 After you’ve customized your skater, you’ll be able to skate in two new places: the Jerome Avenue Banks in New York and FDR Park in Philadelphia.

The update resulted from the staff at Creature Studios reviewing player feedback regarding the Session.

 “Players were able to take advantage of the initial days of our game’s mechanics with satisfaction, and we can’t anticipate what new possibilities they’ll now be able to do by using the latest game,” said the company’s director of the founding Marc-Andre.

 “We here at Creature Studios are all extremely thankful for their assistance and are thrilled to share this new update with everyone.”

The latest update can be downloaded for Xbox One and PC