Battlefield 3 Reality Mod is now available for download

Although there have been numerous Battlefield games since Battlefield 3 first came out, many fans feel that none of the more recent games can compare to the 2011 release.

Some believe that Battlefield 3 is when the series set its bar, and subsequent installments have fallen short of it. One group of modders set out to give one of the series’ earlier games a new start in the wake of the critically criticized Battlefield 2042 release.

The Battlefield 3 Reality mod is helpful in this situation. The Reality mod for the original game drastically overhauls specific crucial components after being inspired by the Reality Project for Battlefield 2.

To enhance the tactical experience, the user interface, for instance, appears completely different from that of Battlefield 3. The gameplay will also be more tactically oriented, offering a more “meaningful” experience, claim the Reality mod’s creators.

A new day and night cycle, models, locations, and a ton of other fresh material will all be added to the original game, in addition to significant modifications to the gameplay and user interface.

Battlefield 3’s Reality mod will allow for over 100 players on a single server; thus, some of the usual Battlefield pandemonia might also exist should gamers choose, despite the modding team’s promises of a more tactical experience.

Fans will likely be relieved that they can turn to these community efforts if they want a Battlefield experience that is more closely related to the franchise’s beginnings since they are still unhappy with DICE and EA’s handling of Battlefield 2042.

The Venice Unleashed website now offers a download for the Battlefield 3 Reality mod.

Another big Battlefield 3 mod that took just under five years to complete and premiere in late 2020 was Venice Unleashed.

Battlefield 3 now has private, moddable servers, enabling other modders to make more substantial changes, as shown by the Battlefield 3 Reality mod’s recent release.

Battlefield 3 remaster speculation was rampant last year, but it now appears more unlikely that one would be made available.

DICE has often indicated that it is still committed to improving Battlefield 2042’s gameplay to improve the game’s standing before the release of the next Battlefield game.

With the series’ future seeming to deviate even further from titles like Battlefield 3, the Reality mod may provide fans of the 2011 franchise favorite with a fresh perspective on what made that game so unique.