The Division Mobile Game is Officially in Development

The Division Mobile Game is Officially in Development: Ubisoft has officially revealed the name of its new mobile game after months of leaks and discussions on internet forums. 

And based on what we currently know, it might very well be the next game to challenge PUBG. 

Let’s review everything from the official announcement and see what to anticipate.

Division Mobile Game is Called “The Division Resurgence”

The Division Resurgence is the name of the future mobile game by Ubisoft, officially announced on its blog. The game will be available to iOS and Android users for free to play. 

Resurgence’s storyline will adhere to a canonical story set in the same world as The Division and The Division 2. 

You will assume the role of Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) agents sent to New York City to protect locals and retake the crumbling civilization from the rebel organization known as “The Freemen.”

The Resurgence trailer, available at the link above, serves as the official announcement and provides our first glimpse of its deadly setting. 

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The game uses area-based warfare, where you may have to take over a block at a time. Finding out how the Division’s recognizable gameplay fits into a mobile gaming format will be intriguing.

The four agent classes disclosed so far by the devs are sufficient to accommodate the majority of gaming philosophies. However, following the release, we could see new agent classes.

Both solo and co-op play options will be available in The Division Resurgence inside the same story-based storyline. 

You’ll be able to gain unique load-outs as the game goes on, including additional tools, tools, abilities, and more.

Release Date of The Division Resurgence 

Currently, The Division Resurgence is said to be coming out “soon”, according to all official sources. However, it’s unclear if “soon” refers to 2022 or not. 

Fortunately, you can sign up to be one of the game’s first alpha testers on the official Ubisoft website if you don’t want to wait.