Gran Turismo 7: How to clean your car?

How to clean your car: Dark-coloured cars can get dirty quickly, as anyone who has ever owned one should know. 

This is especially true if they spend most of their time speeding around racetracks at speeds well above 100 miles per hour, as they do in Gran Turismo 7.

Because of how realistic Grand Turismo 7 is, not only will the cars get dirty over time, but they also need to be washed regularly so that they stay clean and look good. 

A player won’t be able to wash their cars right away, but this shouldn’t be a big deal because it usually takes a lot of driving before a car needs to be cleaned.

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How to Wash Your Car in Gran Turismo 7

People who want to wash their cars first need to finish Menu Book No. 7.

 As a result, they’ll have a MINI Cooper S ’05 and an Abarth 500 ’09 in their collection. 

All three can be won as gift cars if they finish in the top three at their European races. 

Players will get a Roulette ticket and Menu Book No. 8 when they return to the Cafe. GT Auto will show up on the World Map screen.

Players will have to clean their cars to finish the next menu book. To do so, they should go to GT Auto and choose “Maintenance & Servicing” from the drop-down menu. 

Then, after Sarah and Clayton explain what they need to do, they’ll be able to select the “Car Wash” option from the maintenance menu. 

This will cost them 50 Credits. A short animation will then play, after which their car will look like a brand new one.

Change the colour of your car, or do a full service at GT Auto. Also, trophy hunters should keep in mind that the “Squeaky Clean” trophy is linked to having one’s car washed, and the bronze trophy comes out when players have had their cars cleaned ten times in the game. 

Players should keep in mind that they can do this all in one sitting, as long as they have 500 Credits to spare.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can get Gran Turismo 7 right now.