25 years old Super Mario 64 video game sold for 1.56 million USD

25 years old Super Mario 64 video game sold for 1.56 million USD.

The trend of selling old games at higher prices is not new. Copies of various old games have been sold at enormous prices more than once before. However, a recent incident has broken all those records. An unopened copy of a Super Mario 64 game sold for 1.56 million on Sunday. This latest auction has broken all records for the price of video games.

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The most popular game on the Nintendo 64 console in the nineties was Super Mario 64. It was in this game that the character Mario first appeared in Three Dimensions. In addition to the huge Super Mario 64, the Legend of Zelda game has also been sold at this auction. The game sold for approx 870,000 USD.

According to Heritage Auctions, the organizer of the auction, they were also surprised to see the Super Mario 64 sold for more than US 1 million. Especially after selling Legend of Zelda at a considerable price, the record price of Super Mario 64 surprised them.

Although this is not the end, Heritage Auctions also auctioned an unopened copy of the Super Mario Bros. The Nintendo game sold for 660,000 USD. Another copy of the Super Mario Bros sold for 14 114,000 USD.

Even though old video games have been sold for millions of dollars before, this is the first time a single copy of a game has sold for so much. A copy of Super Mario 64 sold for around Rs 11 crore is a new world record.

Super Mario 64

Who buys the Super Mario 64 game video game?

According to a recent report in The Verge, Wata Games has bought the Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda games at auction. Following the auction, the company acquired a company called Collectors Universe.

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However, the company collects coins, trading cards, and other souvenirs. The sale of these games at huge prices at auction proves the popularity of vintage games in the world of collections. Recently, the sale of Pokémon cards at huge prices indicated this possibility.

“Trading cards and games have also considered an alternative way to invest these days,” the head of Collectors Universe told the media in a statement. We see this type of trend among hobby collectors and investors.

He further said, “These categories are gaining huge popularity recently. We think video games are going to take place in this world. We are joining hands with Wata because they have expertise in video games. There is no alternative to this great company they have created.” The statement added that Wata would work individually under their leadership.