League of Legends got its Avenger Style

Over the years, the history of League of Legends has been unpredictable, with many repeats and origin stories. I watched for a while, and I was troubled by a steady stream of stories, which seemed to be making no progress. 

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However, it’s between Wild Rift and the current Sentinel of Light, I have excited again. I have not been excited about the league for many years, and I have a lot to do with the avengers-style team currently developing in the Runeterra world. 

From the beginning, half of the champions were aliens. They were teleported to this fantasy world and then recruited as gladiators. The original country was broadly defined as themes such as “PirateTown” and “BadBoy.” 

In the past few years, Riot has carefully refined much excellent knowledge and turned it into a fascinating universe. It started with a significant retcon, eliminated the concept of summoner battles in League of Legends, and then updated the storyline of the entire region.

However, there is now a rich world to explore, with the same scale and density asMarvel. And DC or Warhammer settings. If you like a high-tech environment, Netflix’s Arcane show will focus on the cities of Zuan and Petworth. 

Before Dawn | Sentinels of Light 2021 Cinematic – League of Legends

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Meanwhile, if you prefer magic and ancient gods, Freljord is the area that specializes in it. Demacia is a knight and a dragon, and Noxus is an expanding empire in aromantic style. There are even villains who appear in emergency services. Everyone will find something suitable for them here. 

However, it is precisely what is happening in League of Legends now. The saddest woman in the world, Viego tries to cover the world with demons, ghosts, and fog to find the soul of his deceased wife. Sveta is a task force against the undead. 

Therefore, he recruited a group of champions from all over the world to help him defend it. It is a straightforward concept: good people fight bad people for the world’s fate, but it is very effective. We have made all preparations for this event and will gradually introduce large-format products to the market. 

Champions recruited or recruited in this great battle have destruction and sentinel skins. These familiar faces are dressed in cool new clothes and combine for the first time. It is interesting to see them interact through traditional narratives and stories.

In addition to the excitement of seeing these statuettes of old characters wearing cool new armor, there is a Novell visual element in the game. When I logged in and played Wild Rift, I learned some history of Senna and Lucian Sentinels. 

New cinematics! New owner! Touching! It is not an art; I am not fascinated by the subtle conflict between the nuances of the two sides. It is a well-executed fantasy game whose beginning, middle, and end seemed impossible for League of Legends a few years ago. 

However, It gives people a feeling that the event is progressing, and as the plot progresses, more content appears. It’s like going to a movie to see the avengers. It is the first time, but there are more weird sexy broken ghosts.

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