Steam Deck is now compatible with almost 4,000 games

Whether or whether the Steam Deck is now living up to its hype may be attested to by those who possess it or have at least used it.

It was first thought of as Valve’s rival to the Nintendo Switch, but it has since been compared to a mobile PC with the capacity to run other operating systems and even be used to create games.

But at its heart, the Steam Deck is a gaming device, which is why people purchase it. Fortunately, the tablet is now compatible with thousands of different games.

It seems that the Steam Deck can now play more than 4,000 titles, according to a post from GamingOnLinux. 4,007 have been validated, and 2,140 are deemed playable as of the writing of this article.

Additionally, 1,600 titles are listed as “unsupported” in the report. This does not imply that they are incompatible with the Deck, however.

It’s more probable that they haven’t been thoroughly verified for compatibility, and as time goes on, more titles will undoubtedly be added to the list.

The Steam Deck recently had 2,500 compatible titles, which is already a significant quantity, but the rising number demonstrates that advancements are constantly being made. For those interested, “playable” means that there shouldn’t be any bugs with the game on the Deck. Verified titles should function flawlessly and without any problems. It is logical that the number of compatible games is growing since Valve is interested in ensuring that their mobile device can play as many games as possible.

It’s not a flawless machine, and there has recently been some debate. A downgrade to select Steam Deck models was reportedly suspected last month, including the 256 GB and 512 GB ones. Those waiting for theirs would find it interesting to hear that it can come with a PCIe 3 x2 SSD instead of a PCIe 3 x4 one. The business says that this won’t impact how well the game plays.

The Steam Deck is establishing itself as a critical handheld gaming platform. Gabe Newell and his crew have finally expanded into other fields that aren’t software related. Valve has a troubled background in hardware, such as the Steam Link or Steam Controller.