How to Get Armor Set with Highest Stats in Elden Ring

Armor Set with Highest Stats in Elden Ring: Elden Ring has a lot of enemies in the form of Bosses, Players, and other bad things that fight back. : Some of them are easy to deal with, but others make it seem like it will take a long time to beat them.

 You’ll need the best weapons and gear to be ready for anyone. Weapons are always sought after, and the game has a lot of different types of them. With armor, that isn’t the case at all. Armor is important because it protects against many attacks, spells, and other things. 

Then, which Armor has the best stats? The armor with the best stats and how to get it will be shown in this guide.

How to Obtain the Elden Ring Armor Set with the Highest Stats

The armor in Elden Ring protects against and resists various types of damage. Those types of damage are Physical, Strike, Slash, Pierce, Elemental, and Status, and they all do different kinds of damage. 

A weapon’s Physical, Strike, Slash, and Pierce Damage determine what damage it can do to a player when it hits them. Elemental is made up of Magic, Fire, Lightning, and Holy Damage. Among the effects of Status Damage are Blood Loss, Frostbite, Poison, and Scarlet Rot. They can also cause Sleep, Madness, and Death Blight. An Armor Set can protect itself from damage through one or more of its Stats. The armor set with the most points in each stat in Elden Ring is below.

  • PHY Bull-Goat Set
  • STRIKE Bull-Goat Set
  • Vs. SLASH Banished Knight Set
  • Vs. PIERCE– Lionel’s Set
  • HTMLMAG Lusat’s set
  • FIRE – Fire Prelate Set
  • LIGT Bull-Goat Set
  • HOL – Godskin Noble Set
  • IMMU– Mushroom Set
  • ROBUST General Radahn Set
  • FOCUS – Fire Prelate Set
  • VIT Lusat’s set
  • POISE Bull-Goat Set
  • WGT Bull-Goat Set

We can see that the Bull-Goat Armor Set use more often than other armor sets. PHY, VSSTRIKE, LIGT, POISE, WGT are the best stats. Elden Ring’s Bull-Goat Armor Set has the best stats of all the armor sets in the game. 

The Bull-Goat Armor Set can be bought from our website. To get it, check out our guide. Even though this Armor has the best stats, it doesn’t mean it’s the best Armor out there. You will need a lot of Endurance to use it. 

It all depends on your build. You may be able to take one of the above armors to protect you from a type of damage that has been bothering you.