Fortnite v19.20 Update Includes New POI

Fortnite v19.20 Update: Fortnite is rolling out its v19.20 update patch today.

 Although Fortnite generally changes its content once a week, this update comes with several significant modifications. 

This includes a new POI, the de-vaulting of a favourite weapon among fans, and more.

Epic Games’ enduringly popular Battle Royale is free to play in Chapter 3 inaugural season. 

This season has seen an extensive amount of new content, including numerous new objects, POIs, and NPCs.

 Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 also saw the return of cross-skin skins for the game, adding Marvel’s Green Goblin as one of its most recent.

Fortnite‘s v19.20 update adds numerous major content items to the island, the largest of which is probably the brand new Covert Cavern POI. 

It is located in the mountains of snow in the northern part of Camp Cuddle; Covert Cavern is a modern facility that houses mythic

 a variant of the Stinger SMG comes with more power and recoil. 

The most popular weapon among fans will be The Heavy Shotgun, although this updated version is significant compared to the first.

 This Heavy Shotgun is now a single slug, has a more extended range and has greater accuracy; however, it is available in every rarity.

Alongside the brand new POI and a set of weapons, the v19.20 update also allows players to unlock Haven’s Masks, which are part of Fortnite‘s Battle Pass. 

The wall was locked behind a timed lock today; players can get their characters various animal-inspired masks. 

The process involves finding feathers in chests all over the island.

 These can be used in the appropriate tab of the Battle Pass. Each mask has a theme-specific quest to be available for redemption, such as fishing for cat-themed masks to gain access, hunting to find deer masks, or sliding to unlock owl masks.

Fortnite HTML0‘s v19.20 upgrade isn’t all the new content being released today. 

Yesterday was the first official announcement of The February Fortnite Crew pack, including an emo-inspired a skeleton named Aftermath. 

Wearing a dark costume and a skull that resembles a disco ball, The first Fortnite character is available with a more veiled hooded and masked design and one that displays the skull’s shining beauty.

 The corresponding Flatline Back Bling will prove to be a favourite among fans and acts as an odometer when the the wearer is emoting.

With the latest Fortnitev19.20 update now available, along with a plethora of new content released over the past few weeks, players will have plenty of new things to look at. 

In addition, new content could soon be on the way, and rumours have been circulating about the game Uncharted as the next cross-over series that will join the battle royale.