CODM, how do you get a Legendary HBR?

 Get a Legendary HBR: The legendary HBR fully-automatic assault rifle is back in CODM, and you can get it. Fans love the HBRa3. 

Because of this, it makes sense that players are excited about its return to the game. 

What everyone wants to know right now is how they can get the famous HBR in CODM. 

In this article, we’ll talk about that very thing.

Where To Get The Legendary HBR In CODM?

Players can now get the legendary weapon and other great items from the COD Mobile Store. 

They can also get other great things from the store. Prototype Draw has been added to Season 2: Task Force 141. 

The Legendary HBR is one of the items that can be drawn. Players might be able to get the HBRa3–Rictus Arc or other great items in this draw as part of this event. 

Players can also get a new character called Cipher in the Prototype Draw, and they can also get it in the game. 

Players can get all of the rewards in the Prototype Draw, but the prizes are chosen at random and can’t be chosen.

Some players might have to get a lot of CODM rewards before getting the Legendary HBR they want.

There are 10 chances to win, but the cost of each one goes up. 

A player had to pay 30 CP for the first draw, and the price kept going up with each draw. 

When you don’t get the HBR on your first try, you might have to spend some CP. 

CP costs 3900 for the last draw. In addition to the famous HBR, the Prototype Draw also gives out a lot of other things. 

In this game, you can get an Assault Knife, a Muscle Car, The Song of My People Emote, an Electroshocked Calling Card and a Dog.

This is how players can get the Legendary HBR in CODM.