How to Download Instagram Photos?

Instagram is mainly used by users to upload their photos. There are many photos on Instagram that you find worth saving. Now, this makes you wonder how to download Instagram photos? The Instagram app itself doesn’t provide a built-in option to save them to view offline. It only allows you to bookmark them. So, you must use special workarounds to download Instagram photos.

In this post, I’ll tell you how. Here, I will tell about all the best working methods to download Instagram photos in the easiest possible manner. Just go through this guide, and you’ll be able to save any Instagram photo to the storage of your device.

Best Methods to Download Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for the current generation. Millions of posts and stories are uploaded on it daily. According to the stats, there over 40 Billion images stored on Instagram. While scrolling your feed or going through the Explore page, you can find several photos that you find worth downloading. There could be varying reasons why you need to save them. Like, to share them with your friends, to use them somewhere, or anything else. However, the Instagram app and website doesn’t provide an option to do so.

In this case, you must use special methods to download the pictures you like on Instagram. We will take a look at all the best methods here, from simple to advanced, I’ll explain them all. You can use these to save any Instagram photos you want. These methods are tested, tried, and simple. Anyone can use them without any trouble.

1. Take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot of the posts or stories you like is the easiest way to save any Instagram Photos. If you want to save a picture from a post, you just have to take a screenshot and crop it in the way so that the picture only remains. Or, if you want to save a picture from someone’s story, hold the story until the picture is only visible and then take a screenshot.

In this way, you can save any Instagram photo you like directly to your device. You can even take Screenshots on PC using the PrintScreen feature, Windows 10 Built-in Snipping Tool or using third-party tools like Screenshot Capture, Snagit, etc.

2. Bookmark the Post

Instagram allows you to bookmark any post you like to view it later. This is a useful feature when you don’t want to view the Instagram photos offline but just in the Instagram app or website. To do this, go to any post and tap on the Bookmark icon to save it to your collection. Or, if you want to save the photos to a particular collection, tap on Save to Collection, then tap on the Plus (+) icon to create one and name it as you want.

To view and edit the posts you have saved, you can go to your profile, tap on the ‘Menu’ icon, and then tap on Saved to view all the posts you have saved.

3. Download all your Data

You can download all the Instagram data to find the images you have sent or received, posted as stories or posts, and saved anytime. This is a long but worthy method when you want to download all the Instagram photos from your profile at once. To do this, log in to the Instagram website on your PC, head over to Settings by clicking on the ‘Gear’ icon and then choose ‘Privacy and Security.’ Once you are in the Account Privacy window, scroll down and click on Download Data. Next, click on Request Download.

Enter your email address and password once it asks, confirm the email on which you want to receive the data and then click on Next. Instagram will then bunch up all your data. This may take around 48 hours or less. Once it is done, you will receive an email from Instagram with a link to download data. Just click on the Download Data link from the email and the data will be downloaded in a compressed format. You can decompress the ZIP file and access any photo you want.

4. Save Photos you Post

Instagram allows you to automatically save the photos you post through their app on Both Android and Instagram. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Launch the Instagram app and log in to your account.
  • Go to your Profile.
  • Head over to Settings.
  • Now tap on Account, then tap on Original Photos or Original Posts.
  • Then, turn the toggle switch present next to Save Original Photos or Save Original Posts to On position.

That’s it. Instagram will automatically save all the photos you post in the Gallery or Camera Roll.

5. Use GBInstagram/OGInstagram to Download Instagram Photos

GBInstagram and OGInstagram are modded versions of the Instagram app that come with advanced features built-in. One useful feature of these mods is that they allow you to download any photo or video from Instagram. You can download photos and videos. from Posts, Stories, Instagram Live or even IGTV. You just have to download the mod app, go to the post, tap on the 3-dots and then tap on Download.

This will download the photos directly to the device’s storage. One limitation of using these apps is that they aren’t available on iOS devices.

6. Use Downloadgram to Download Instagram Photos

Downloadgram is an online tool to download Instagram Photos. You can also use it to download stories, videos, and even IGTV videos. Using it is very simple. You just have to go to the Instagram post containing the image, tap on the 3-dots present above the image and then tap on copy link. If you are on PC, you can directly copy the link to the post from the address bar.

Now go to, paste the link you copied earlier in the empty URL field, and click or tap on Download. That’s it. The photo will be downloaded to the storage and you can find it in the Downloads folder. Here are some more tools like Downloadgram:

You can use these as well.

Final Thoughts

These are all the best methods to download Instagram Photos. You can use these to download any picture you like from an Instagram Post, Story or your own Profile. If you know about some more good methods, let us all know in the comments below. Or, if you have any queries, or suggestions regarding anything mentioned in this post, feel free to ask me. I’ll be glad to help.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it useful.