How To Complete Use The Zipline 3 Times In BGMI?

Complete Use The Zipline 3 Times: The long-awaited Royal Pass M7 has been launched with two games, PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

 With the M7 Royal Pass introduction, players receive some RP tasks that they need to finish. 

The RP task that has everyone in a state of confusion has been the one that requires players to Use the Zipline three times when playing in Classic Mode.

If you’ve upgraded your BGMI to the most recent version, and are having trouble completing this Use the Zipline 3 Times mission, take a look at us as we’ve provided you with the information you need.

This article will give the details of this mission and show you how to finish it using The Classic Mode of BGMI.

Use The Zipline 3 Times BGMI RP Mission Guide

It’s been one today in the past M7 Royal Pass has started, and many players have completed the missions included in the First Week of RP missions.

Anyone who has bought Royal Pass has access to the tasks featured in Week 1. 

In addition, Royal Pass can access the missions that will be featured in the second week too.

The second-week players face several RP missions, but the only one they struggle to finish will Use three Zipline times in the Classic Modus of BGMI.

To complete the ‘Use Zipline 3 Times’ RP challenge in BGMI, players are asked to start the game and select the aftermath map. 

Aftermath map.

To choose for the Aftermath map within BGMI, you need to access the screen that allows you to select the Map, select Classic>>Unranked, and then download the Aftermath Map.

After downloading, click it to start the Matchmaking. When the map is displayed, be sure you select the Line as shown in the following photo, and you will be able to land there.

If you arrive at the highlighted areas, you must locate an entrance, as shown in the following image.

 As you enter this Entrance, click on the Zipline option to go between two locations.

To successfully Use the Zipline 3 times mission, players have to utilize the Zipline at least three times to earn Bonus points for RP. 

The task is complete if you’ve successfully used the Zipline three times.