Where to Find Ballers in Fortnite

Find Ballers in Fortnite: Season 3 of Fortnite has officially begun, providing players with a plethora of new activities on the battle royale’s renowned island. Ballers have been unvaulted since Chapter 1. And players may enter them to roll about the island while avoiding harm. 

Players may use a plunger-like gadget to move towards the Baller by activating a tiny boost that eats up the Baller’s fuel. Fans may also ride the Screwballer roller coaster in the new Rave Cave point of attraction. Which they can access through the Baller “vehicle.”

This Chapter 3 Season 3 Fortnite guide will show players where they can locate the Baller on the map.

Where to Find Ballers in Fortnite

Ballers are said to be scattered around the landscape. But the best place to locate one is in Rave Cave. A new attraction site. This place has taken over Command Cavern, a former season’s POI, and there are a few Ballers to be obtained.

The new site may be located north of Reality Falls and southwest of Logjam Lumberyard for those who have yet to discover it.

As indicated in the picture above, Fortnite players should be able to discover the Ballers near the amusement park coaster tracks. 

The Baller vehicle is shape like a hamster ball and may use to ride the roller coaster. It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t have to pay for petrol when you ride the coaster with the Baller.

How to Charge Ballers in Fortnite

Players will see a percentage in the bottom-right corner of one of the Rollers as they enter. This is the battery power (or fuel) that the Roller vehicle has left. Regrettably, gamers hoping to restore the Roller’s battery to full capacity may disappoint.

As of right now, the Ballers aren’t like other vehicles because they can’t charge at all. The Baller will no longer be usable after the energy level drops to zero. And players will have to leave and locate a new one. Epic Games design the “vehicle” this way so it can’t utilize too many times in a single battle.