Stardew Valley: How to unlock Skull Cavern

Unlock Skull Cavern: The universe of Stardew Valley has grown exponentially in the past six years. 

It has filled this indie farm RPG with hundreds of hours’ worth of material. 

The story doesn’t stop with Pelican Town, and players can discover themselves traveling to distant locations to find new adventures. 

A few among Stardew Valley‘s most dangerous locations is Skull Cavern, which contains fantastic loot and massive monsters.

Before players can access the Skull Cavern within Stardew Valley, it is necessary to access the Calico Desert region. 

Unfortunately, this is among the areas on the map that’s not immediately accessible to players and is only accessible by fixing an abandoned bus.

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To fix the bus, players either have to contribute the entire $42,500 to Vault Bundles in the Stardew Valley Community Center or arrange an amount to have the bus repaired by filling out the Joja Community Development Form for the amount of 40,000g.

 When either of these has been accomplished, Pam will be available for players to travel into Calico Desert. 

Calico Desert between 10:10 is and 5 pm each day. Tickets are 500g and include a return trip to Pelican Town.

When they reach Calico Desert, players will be able to locate the entry point of Skull Cavern in the northwest of the map.

Locating The Skull Key in Stardew Valley

Unfortunately, the search for Skull Cavern is not the first step in unlocking it within Stardew Valley

The entrance that leads inside the Cavern is locked, and the players require the Skull Key to enter.

 This key is located at the bottom within Pelican Town’s Mines, located on the 120th floor. 

It is located on Floor 120. Mines will be the primary area of combat that most players will come across during Stardew Valley and become more difficult the further they get.

The players will need to struggle through the 120 levels in the Mines to get to the Skull Key, gaining valuable experiences as they go.

 However, the Skull Cavern is very similar to the Mines in gameplay, with a significant increase in difficulty. 

So, players must prepare for a fight that is tough by having a well-equipped weapon and some food items that boost.

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