When Should You Stop Leveling in Elden Ring?

Stop Leveling in Elden Ring: When you play Elden Ring, there will come the point where you will wonder when you should stop levelling up. How do you know this is a good question? There isn’t a simple answer to this question because everyone has a different reason to play. 

You might be playing to kill all the enemies in one shot, or you might like to invade other players to see how good you are at the game and see how well you do. 

The reason you play this game might be different from why other people play it, so your answer to this question will be unique to you. When should you stop levelling in Elden Ring? 

That’s what we’re going to look at in this guide.

When Should You Stop Leveling in Elden Ring?

It would help if you stopped levelling up in Elden Ring based on how you want to play the game because it doesn’t work that way. To figure out whether or not you should keep going, think about these two main things:

  • PvP
  • PvE

Let’s look at things to think about.

You should stop levelling up for PvP now.

The PvP meta is 150 right now. You should stop levelling at level 150 if you want to have more fair fights for yourself and other people. 

But based on how you’ve used your stats for PvE, even in NG+, that level might not be enough. Here, PvE comes in.

Limitations on PvE levelling

If you only want to play PvE all the time, you should never stop levelling at all. You can learn about the Soft Caps for each stat to help you level up more quickly. 

Soft caps are nothing more than a point at which a stat doesn’t pay off enough for you to level up. You must check out our guide for more information.

There are soft caps for each stat. When you reach them, you can think about which stats are worth levelling more than the rest. You won’t get as many runes as you level up, so it will be even more challenging.

Another thing to think about is how challenging the game is. When you over level your character, some bosses can seem like they are effortless to fight. 

It’s also a good idea to stop levelling up when you want to fight hard. When you upgrade your weapons, too powerful weapons can also make the fights too easy for you, making the game less fun for you.