How to Get Popular Creator Tag on TikTok? [100% Success]

If you are a regular TikTok user, you’d notice the ‘Popular Creator’ tag on some user’s profiles. The tag looks really appealing and it is normal to wish for one for yourself. If you are wondering about it, I will help you to get the “Popular Creator’ tag on TikTok. As you may think that it’ll be too hard, you’ll have to be good looking or have millions of followers, but the reality is different.

I will explain the whole truth here. In this post, I will guide you on how to get Popular Creator Tag on TikTok. If you have been dreaming of getting one, this post will really help you.

What is Popular Creator Tag on TikTok?

TikTok is a wildly popular short-video platform where anyone can create and post their 15 to 60 seconds videos. The app has millions of active users in every corner of the world. Out of those millions of users, only a few of them have ‘special tags’ shining on their profiles. The ‘Popular Creator’ tag is one of those special tags that TikTok awards the users (Content Creators/Influencers) who have great audience engagement and post authentic content regularly.

The TikTok users having the ‘Popular Creator’ tag are well-known among the community and have around millions of followers. These users generally post good content and have a wide fan base. TikTok trusts these users to influence the community in a positive way and encourages users to follow them by providing them a special tag.

The best thing about the ‘Popular Creator’ tag on TikTok is that anyone can get it. Yes, even you can get it if you do a little bit of smart work. I’ll explain what you need to do.

Guidelines to Get the Popular Creator Tag

To know about everything about the Popular Creator tag, I went through the TikTok help guidelines. After a thorough study, I have realized that there are so many myths surrounding the tag among the users. Just go through these guidelines and you’ll realize that yourself.

  • You will need around 4000+ followers on your TikTok profile. It isn’t essential that you have millions of followers.
  • You should be active and consistently post videos.
  • Your followers must be active enough and should engage with your content.
  • Your TikTok account must not host any copyrighted music or content.
  • The videos you post should not be created with any other app than TikTok.
  • Your account should not have any violent or sensitive content.
  • It is advisable that you pick and stick to a genre, and use suitable hashtags.

These are the guidelines that you’ll have to follow if you are aiming to get the Popular Creator tag on TikTok.

How to Get Popular Creator Tag on TikTok?

Getting the Popular Creator tag on TikTok might be tough but it is surely not impossible. If you do the right thing without stopping, you can have the tag on your TikTok profile within a year. Or, if you are already popular on TikTok, you can get it in a couple of months. If you are thinking that you’ll need to gain millions of active followers to get the tag, then you are wrong.

I’ll tell you what you need to do in order to get the badge.

1. Believe in Yourself and Be Confident

Quoting the former American President Theodore Roosevelt, “Believe in yourself and you are already halfway there.” The first thing that you have to do is believe in yourself that you can get it. You have to be confident enough in front of your audience and in reality. This will help you to create great content and interact with your audience better.

If you don’t believe in yourself and lack confidence, you will not be able to achieve your goals. There are chances that you will give up if the journey gets hard. So, always believe in yourself.

2. Stay Consistent & Creative

The next thing is you have to stay consistent with your TikTok profile. You have to post authentic content daily. This doesn’t mean that you have to spam your follower’s feed with your videos but they should get new videos from you every single day. If your account activity is not good, you will not be able to get the special tag.

Along with being consistent, you have to be creative. Let your creativity fly and do the work for you. Posting the same videos every day will not help you to achieve your goals. Instead, you should pick a different genre and do something innovative.

3. Post Authentic & Unique Content

To get trusted by TikTok and be awarded a special tag, you have to post authentic and unique content every day. Your videos shouldn’t be a copy of other users but your own. I’ll recommend that you stick to your style and make it popular through your videos.

Copying others will only help you to be called a clone or first copy. If you don’t want to be called that, be original at all times. Never be afraid to experiment with your videos and always try to do something different.

4. Always Interact with your Audience

A key step to getting popular on TikTok is to build an active fanbase. To do that, you should always interact with your followers. You can do that by asking them to comment on your videos and sharing their opinion. Then, you should reply to as many comments as you can. You can also follow back your followers and this will help you to increase your followers count. Another thing you can do to increase audience engagement is going ‘Live at least twice or thrice a week.

You should always build your fanbase outside TikTok by posting your videos on other social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Also, mention your TikTok profile name and link in your bio. This will help you to get popular quickly.

5. Never Compromise with the Quality of the Content

The last but essential thing that I’d like to recommend is that you should never compromise with the quality of your content. You should always use the best types of equipment, lighting, and locations to shoot your videos. If you’ll start posting poor quality videos, you will lose your followers, and getting the Popular Creator tag will only stay a dream.

So, never compromise with the quality. It is okay to post less on some days but don’t post videos with bad lighting or locations. Try to be as professional as you can.

Final Verdict

There are many advantages of getting the Popular Creator tag on TikTok. It could help you to boost your videos and help you to get even more popular among the audience. This is how you can get the Popular Creator tag on your TikTok profile. Just keep doing these without giving up and you’ll get the badge sooner than later. You don’t have to apply anywhere to get the tag. TikTok will automatically review your profile once you are eligible and award you.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. All the best on your journey to becoming a ‘Popular Creator’ on TikTok. Don’t forget to come back to share your experiences with us.