Star Wars Force Unleashed Cheat Codes Switch

Star Wars Force Unleashed Cheat Codes: Star Wars the Force Unleashed has been among the most popular games within the Star Wars universe since its debut in 2008. However, despite its age, the game is not getting all the hidden armours and other outfits from the series right away within your game.

 But don’t worry about it because there’s an option to use a code in the game so that you can redeem the free items immediately. So below are Star Wars the Force Unleashed Cheat codes and Cheats to unlock rewards for free for this game’s Nintendo Switch version.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Cheats (Switch)

Here are the cheats that you can unlock with Star Wars the Force Unleashed Cheat Codes:

  • AAYLA – Redeem code for Aayla Secura outfit
  • ACOLYTE Redeem code to redeem Asajj Ventress dress
  • BENKENOBI – Redeem code for Obi Wan Kenobi outfit
  • Chosenone redeem code for Anakin Skywalker’s costume
  • CORTOSIS – Redeem code for damage immunity
  • COUNTDOOKU Redeem the code to get the highest level of combinations
  • DANTOOINE – Redeem code for Ceremonial Jedi Robes
  • DREXLROOSH. – Redeem code for Drexl Roosh outfit
  • ECLIPSE – Redeem code for Juno Eclipse outfit
  • GRANDMOFF Redeem the code to purchase all clothing
  • HIDDENFEAR – Redeem code for Darth Phobos outfit
  • HOLOCRON • Redeem code to Sith Robes
  • HOLOGRAM – Redeem code for PROXY outfit
  • INTHEDARK – Redeem code for Shadowtrooper outfit
  • ITSATWAP – Redeem code for Admiral Ackbar outfit
  • JEDIMASTER Redeem code to purchase Mace Windu clothing
  • KATARN – Redeem code for max level Force Powers
  • KLEEF – Redeem code for Kleef outfit

  • KORRIBAN Redeem coupon for Sith Stalker Armor
  • LEGION Redeem code for 501st Legion uniform
  • LIGHTSABER – Redeem code for extra damage lightsaber
  • MANDALORE Redeem code for General Rahm Kota’s Kota attire
  • MARAJADE – Redeem code for Mara Jade outfit
  • MARISBROOD Redeem codes for Maris Brood outfit
  • MAVERICK – Redeem code for Qui Gon Jin outfit
  • NERFHERDER – Redeem code for Han Solo costume
  • NOTIMO – Redeem code for Chop’aa Notimo outfit
  • PALPATINE – Redeem the code for Emperor Palpatine outfit
  • PAUAN – Redeem code for Darth Desolous outfit
  • SCOUNDREL – Redeem code for Lando Calrissian outfit
  • SECURA – Redeem code for Twi’lek outfit
  • SERENNO – Redeem code for Count Dooku outfit
  • SHOCKTROOP redeem code for the Heavy Trooper costume
  • SITHLORD – Redeem code for Darth Vader outfit
  • SPEEDER – Redeem code for 1,000,000 Force Points
  • STORMTROOP – Redeem code for Navy Commando outfit
  • T16WOMPRAT – Redeem code for Luke Skywalker outfit
  • TK421 Redeem code to redeem to purchase Classic Stormtrooper attire
  • TOGRUTA – Redeem code for Shaak Ti outfit
  • Typerus Redeem the codes to enable every Force Powers
  • VERGENCE – Redeem code for unlimited Force Power
  • WOOKIEE – Redeem code for Kento’s Robes
  • YELLOWJCKT Redeem code to purchase Yavin Luke’s clothing
  • ZABRAK – Redeem code for Darth Maul outfit

How to Redeem Cheat Codes?

Here’s how you can get back Star Wars the Force Unleashed Cheats:

  1. Begin the game
  2. Complete the mission that started it.
  3. Take Rogue Shadow, the Rogue Shadow ship
  4. Inside the ship, you can open the “Extras” menu
  5. Click on ‘Cheat Codes’
  6. Click the “R” button on the Nintendo Switch
  7. Keyboard will be appearing soon.
  8. Please take advantage of the cheats we have listed on our list
  9. Click on ‘OK’

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