Soon, EA will reveal more about the Dead Space remake

In the weeks approaching, players will learn a lot about new sci-fi horror games. The Callisto Protocol, a survival horror game, is the first, and it intends to show off some brand-new gameplay at this year’s Gamescom.

The next Dead Space Remake may be getting ready to reveal more details now that EA is looking to redo the start of engineer Isaac Clarke’s tale. This remake will function as a soft relaunch for the renowned game.

While it subsequently debuted some very early gameplay videos, the Dead Space Remake was unveiled at EA Play Live 2021 and told fans to wait until 2022 for a clearer look at the game.

Since 2022 got underway, people looking forward to the game have been told that they’ll have to wait until 2023 to obtain it, and there hasn’t been much information about the Dead Space Remake. But it seems like EA is now prepared to unveil what Motive Studios’ team has been working on.

Fans may anticipate another in-depth look at the Dead Space Remake by the end of September. This will happen at a presentation-led session followed by developers’ questions.

This will hopefully be another opportunity to evaluate how much the remake enhances the original Dead Space. There are additional adjustments and significant aesthetic enhancements already shown to fans.

For instance, it has been speculated that several deleted scenes from the first Dead Space would appear in the sequel. Whatever EA has in store for this next presentation, fans will likely be very interested as long as it offers a new perspective on Motive’s work on the Dead Space Remake.

Many people anxiously expect a return to the distinct horror series as it hasn’t had a game since the third Dead Space game, which was released about 10 years ago.

Dead Space Remake was shown in September, giving EA and Motive plenty of time to generate buzz about the game in the months before its January 2023 release.

In addition to the new Dead Space, EA is developing several other single-player games, such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and a game based on the Black Panther movie.

All of this, it was revealed during a recent investor conference, is a part of EA’s new emphasis on single-player games.