When Will the Dead by Daylight Attack on Titan Crossover Be Available

Although the manga finished in 2021, Attack on Titan continues to be one of the most well-known series in Shonen Jump, with its anime adaptation consistently topping the charts with each new season. 

While not a horror series, at least not by Western standards, the idea of enormous nude creatures consuming people qualifies. 

Due to this, Dead by Daylight is promoted with the well-known series. So when will the Attack on Titan and Dead by Daylight crossover be available?

When will the Dead by Daylight vs Attack on Titan crossover be available?

The Dead by Daylight in-game shop now has the Attack on Titan crossover collection for sale. It comes with 10 skins inspired by Attack on Titan, 8 for the Survivors and 2 for the Killers. The characters’ skins are as follows:

  • Dwight Fairfield: Eren’s Uniform
  • Yui Kimura: Mikasa’s Uniform
  • Jake Park: Levi’s Uniform
  • Meg Thomas: Annie’s Uniform
  • Felix Richter: Armin’s Uniform
  • Kate Denson: Historia’s Uniform
  • Zarina Kassir: Hange’s Uniform
  • Ace Visconti: Kenny’s Uniform
  • The Oni: Armored Titan
  • The Spirit: War Hammer Titan

Along with the skins, there is a set of five charms, four of which are in the likeness of different military units and one of which has a Wall Titan. How to get these Charms is as follows:

  • Cadet Corps Crest Charm: Log in during the mid-chapter release
  • Scout Regiment Corps Crest Charm: Buy/Unlock any 3 skins from the Attack on Titan collection
  • Military Police Regiment Crest Charm: Buy/Unlock any 2 skins from the Attack on Titan collection
  • Garrison Regiment Crest Charm: Buy/Unlock any Survivor skin from the Attack on Titan collection
  • Wall Titan Charm: Buy/Unlock any Killer skin from the Attack on Titan collection

Until the Chapter 25 update is released, the Cadet Corps Crest Charm will be redeemable with a log-in. After that, you’ll get it when you buy or unlock any skin from the Attack on Titan collection.