Earth will become uninhabitable within 100 years, says former NASA scientist

Former NASA scientist David Holz claims that Earth will become uninhabitable within 100 years. But if scientists can expand Earth’s orbit, it is possible to increase Earth’s life by at least 5 times.
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In support of his statement, Holz cited a NASA research article. The paper, written by professors and researchers at the University of California and Michigan.

It is titled Astronomical Engineering: A Strategy for Modifying Planetary Orbits. That is the way to increase the orbit of a planet. What exactly do you want?

According to him, 100 billion years from today, the Sun will get so hot that the Earth will gradually heat up. As a result, people will become progressively extinct from the Earth.

He is also pointing out ways to get out of this situation. He suggests that by collecting energy from Jupiter, it is possible to increase the Earth’s orbit little by little.

Therefore, we must repeat this process every 6,000 years. And then the Earth will not be able to get close to the Sun in any way.

And as a result, our Bashundhara will be habitable for humans and the living world.

But how can you extract energy from Jupiter? He says this process can only be done if an asteroid is forced to pass between Earth and Jupiter. His whereabouts are on investigative work.

Additionally, he says that the Sun is now in its middle age. But in the next few days, as the sun ages, the situation will change.

The world will gradually become uninhabitable. Holz pointed out the way out of that danger.