Sony Launches New Hardware Line Called Inzone

Sony Launches New Hardware Line Called Inzone: Recent efforts by Sony to enter the PC gaming market have not been subtle. The business seems to have many more ambitions for growth in this area after a string of high-profile game releases of previous PlayStation exclusives like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn, as well as the future releases of Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 1.

In particular, Sony has recently disclosed that it will introduce a new hardware gaming brand specially made to appeal to PC gamers.

The only presently available “Inzone” accessories are monitors and headphones, with high-end capabilities and a chassis that calls to mind the company’s flagship console.

As some people may have already surmised, the Sony gaming headphone leak from last week was related to the company’s new Inzone gear line.

The three leaked headphone designs—H3, H7, and H9—offer varying degrees of capability at equally varying price points and suggest that Inzone is making an effort to cater to both low- and high-end gamers.

This is also reflected in the monitors; Inzone has designed the high-end M9 and the low-end M3 to cover this range of hardware.

The M9, in particular, costs a hefty $899 for a non-OLED display but has all of the features gamers have come to expect from premium gaming monitors.

It has been certified for DisplayHDR 600, delivers the picture at a sharp 4K resolution with a maximum 144 Hz refresh rate, fully supports VRR, and has a 1 ms reaction time.

The M9 is the star of Sony’s hardware launch on June 28, but the lower-end M3 with a 1080p/240 Hz display is still a respectable showing at $529.

The business seems to be treating all of its new initiatives seriously, given the circulating reports about a Sony PlayStation 5 Pro controller.

Even if it may require a new hardware division for Sony to decide to do so eventually, it seems like PlayStation will move beyond just a pure console brand. However, it is unclear whether this is Sony’s long-term ambition.

Of course, some people may be concerned about why Sony would spend money on developing its new Inzone branding in the first place. The explanation isn’t apparent, mainly because Inzone utilizes the traditional PlayStation 5 color scheme.

The corporation is managing this predicament in a way that will only become clear with time. A fan has created his PS5 slim from the ground up because there has been no indication of either Pro or Slim versions of the latest PlayStation in the works.