A Few Best Free Android apps for you.

Best Free Android apps: There is no doubt that the Google Play store is filled with apps and hundreds of them are available every day.

 This month gives us new apps. 

We’ve put together our top five apps Android users such as you must be carrying on their phones.

 The list of top free Android apps includes an awesome offline game that tests your hunting abilities and a program that lets you prioritize tasks based on your schedule, and a wallpaper application that will allow you to make your smartphone more enjoyable.


Note-taking apps are accessible, and there are a lot of them on the Play Store. 

The app’s name is pretty clear about the plot, but it’s far more than the name suggests. 

Priorities have a simple interface to comprehend even for first-time users. 

It systematically helps you organize your schedule for the day, your events, and the rest of your work plans.

It is possible to add backlog tasks and save them in your bank account while your most important work is shown on the main page.

 You can also arrange your lessons according to urgency so that you can determine which requires your attention.

2Elo Audio

Reading can be enjoyable; however, it’s not always mainly when you have a document at work that you’d prefer to listen to rather than read. 

Elo Audio could be able to help in that regard. The app is designed for those who enjoy listening to music instead of reading. 

It allows you to bring in your documents and PDF documents so that you can organize them in your playlist while listening to them on your time.

Elo Audio lets you choose the voice, and you can select from journalistic voices to the surfer, yogi, and many more. 

The app also features an additional column where you can stream ongoing events from various newsletters included within the app. 

You can also make a playlist to create an individual list to listen to later. 

Can utilize the app on the road or when sleeping, as it sounds like a podcast. 

Also, it’s great for people who are visually impaired.


Actuflow is an application that allows you to concentrate on your work or studying rather than checking your phone for the nth time.

 When you turn on the Actuflow mode, it asks you why you’re trying to unlock your phone.

After you type in your reason for opening, the device enters it in the statistics and keeps track of the amount of time you’ve spent using the phone.

Actuflow records the total number of unlocks you’ve completed in a day, much like Digital Wellbeing.

 This allows you to look to see at the close of the day as to the places you’ve used the most time—the app targets people who constantly check their phones for the smallest of things.

 The idea of writing down a reason to unlock the phone every time can be pretty uncomfortable,

 but it has allowed me to reduce my time spent on screens.

4Big Hunter

Big Hunter reminded me of flash games that I used to play as a child time back. The game’s concept is simple. 

It would help if you located animals trying to get you killed—many stories about various animals, such as a Mammoth, Rhino, and the Terror Bird. 

It’s a simple and enjoyable game, especially when the internet connection isn’t working, or you’re traveling in a car or bus.

It will help if you hit them with a spear to eliminate them before doing the same to you.

 Big Hunter offers decent visuals, and the music adds to the excitement. 

There are many levels to play through, and the game is quite lengthy.


What can I say? We love personalizing our phones. 

The NoBW wallpapers app is another wallpaper application include in our list. 

This app comes with a decent selection of wallpapers that will be a good fit for your style. 

The app consists of all wallpapers arranged neatly to pick the one that you like best.

The categories include Abstract to Pastels from Abstract and Pastels to Amoled and many more. 

The app’s UI is minimal, and all wallpapers are show at the top of the screen.

 You can also choose a selection of wallpapers and then add them to the favorites list. The wallpapers are minimalist and only require two clicks to download.

Which is Best Free Android apps ? Tell us about it in the comments.