New Vehicle, Discounts Come to GTA Online This Week.

New Vehicle, Discounts Come to GTA :  Recently, GTA Online released The Contract. A new update includes tasks requiring the player to assist hip-hop superstar Dr.Dre, in finding his music leaked back.

 The update includes a variety of weapons and vehicles added along with new properties available for players to buy. 

It has been available for a couple of weeks; however, Rockstar Games is adding a new vehicle to the game, along with daily discounts and rewards for players.

Several Benefits Added for GTA Online Players This Week

The Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec is the most current vehicle included in the game. 

And If you wish for your character to appear driving it, you’ll need to spend at minimum $1,282,500. 

It’s the cost is 1,710,000 to make it more modern. The upgrades can be made at the Agency workshop for vehicles.

Alongside this vehicle, there are also a variety of discounts and bonuses available for GTA Online this week.

 Users linked to their Rockstar Social Club account with Prime Gaming can receive a registration bonus of up to $100,000. 

Additionally, there are bonuses for logins of all players, which consist of full armor complete snacks as well as 25 sticky bombs and other things. 

The complete list of perks and discounts is available on the official Rockstar website and Reddit. 

These discounts will expire on January 5th.