Some Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

woman holding green textile inside room

We know it all. Some situations in our daily lives keep coming up and are just annoying. Well, that is in the past. Here are some secret tips just for you on how to make life easier with just some small hacks. So you have more time to focus on the casino

  1. Drill a hole in the side of your trash can or inner plastic garbage can to prevent your trash bag from getting stuck when you pull it out.
  1. Store bed linens in their matching pillowcase. This will keep your closet looking neat, and when you need to re-cover the bed, you’ll have everything at your fingertips. Store bed linen easily in its own pillowcase.
  1. Use shoe organizers for the bathroom door to store makeup, brushes, creams, toothpaste, etc. It’s super convenient to have everything at your fingertips and not have to dig through several drawers!
  1. Create a “junk basket” system on the stairs if your family always spreads all their stuff around the house. Little baskets on the stairs are the best thing ever! It’s a cute way to be sloppy. You put each person’s things in their basket, and then later, they can take it upstairs and stash the stuff.
  1. Relate the shelves in your fridge with plastic wrap, so you just have to change it when it gets dirty instead of fussing about cleaning the inside of the fridge.
  1. Hang “cheat sheets” for converting units and temperatures in your cabinets so you can quickly glance at them when re-cooking recipes. It’s a good idea to hang unit and temperature conversion cheat sheets in your cupboards. You can keep a conversion chart in my baking cabinet and the temperatures in the cupboard with the pans above the stove. 
  1. When threading a needle, use a bit of (conventional colorless) lip balm to strengthen the thread. Put a little lip balm on the end of a thread to make it stiffer. This makes threading it into a needle 100 times easier and faster. Make sure it’s white or transparent lip balm, though, so you don’t cherry-pick your sewing.
  1. Attach adhesive hooks upside down on the sides of your trash can so the trash bag won’t slip. Attach adhesive hooks upside down to the sides of your trash can and tie the handles of the trash bag to them. This will keep it in place and prevent it from slipping.
  1. Prevent your charging cords from falling off your desk or nightstand by threading them through a paper clip. Use a paper clip to keep your charging cable in place at your desk, nightstand, table, etc. I never have to look for my charging cable at work anymore.
  1. Pick up nasty bugs with a lint roller – or even squish them with one. If you kill an insect at home and (like me) find it gross to pick up, use a lint roller for that. Yay, you don’t have to touch insect corpses anymore!
  1. To remove burnt-on food residues in pots and pans, boil a solution of water and soda in them for 15 minutes, let everything cool down, and then rinse them.
  1. Or use dryer sheets, warm water, and dishwashing liquid to soak the dirt.