Some BlackJack Strategies You Might Need to Know

Blackjack is a popular game for online and offline casinos. The game is a favorite of gamblers because it can be played using various strategies. If you want to try your hand at this exciting casino game but need some tips, you’re at the right place.

Below we share with you some strategies to play Blackjack games:

Try Back-Betting with Blackjack

Being such a popular game, some online casinos offer live dealer blackjack games that provide players with a chance to collect winnings even though they are not playing the game.

There is an option called back-betting or playing behind, and when this form of betting is allowed, a betting spot on the table can hold bets for as many as three people.

These will include the player at the table and anyone back-betting that player. It’s possible to place more than one back-bet to cover multiple players.

Benefits of Back-Betting in Blackjack

Back-betting comes with several benefits. Since there are limited seats while playing a live dealer game, back-betting allows the players who have not been seated to enjoy the gameplay and win real money.

It also allows players to play without making any decisions, so it’s an excellent choice for those who are just getting started and have not mastered basic blackjack strategies.

Since the player will not be making any decisions that will impact the hand, it’s an excellent way for new players to get their feet wet without knowing too much about the game.

Back-betting is not just for those observing the game, but it can also be used by those seated at the table. Some players will choose to play their hand and bet on another player at the table that may be on a hit winning streak. The player can stand a chance to win on their hand and the other player, so they have even more chances to generate profits while playing.

With back-betting, players have more opportunities to win, and they do not even have to participate in the actual game. This betting option can benefit new or experienced players and is a great way to boost payouts by betting on players that have been consistently winning hands.

Consider Doubling Down


When players sit at a blackjack table, they may notice a doubling-down option. This option is not offered with all blackjack games, but when it is, it can be used to help players; however, it can be a poor decision for many.

Those who want to use the double-down option should master basic blackjack strategies first. When a player chooses to double down, they will double the bet amount and receive a single card on the hand.

Many online casinos and blackjack games will allow players to double down on any cards, but some will limit doubling to hands that have 10 or 11 as a total. The latter is a favorable rule for players, and another option is doubling after splitting a pair.

Rules that pertain to doubling will increase or decrease the house edge. When players are allowed to double after splitting, the house edge is reduced by 0.13%. But when doubling is allowed only on 10 and 11 hands, the house edge increases by 0.21%.

It would be best to use a basic strategy to determine when you should use the option of doubling down. This option should only be used when the player has a good chance at beating the dealer.

Players should watch the dealer’s hand, and whenever the card is a 2 through 6, the double down option should be used. These cards are the worst for the dealer, and they will bust in most cases, creating a perfect opportunity to double the bet and return.

Many players, especially those new to online gambling, will be hesitant to double their bet in fear of losing both bets. If this is the case, the table betting options are too high, and the player should find a table with a lower bet amount.

When done at the right time, doubling down can be very profitable. Take hold of the moment when the time is right and double the bet for the best chances at walking away from the table a winner. Keep in mind that not all game variations will allow doubling.

The Blackjack Splitting Strategy

One of the most commonly used strategies in blackjack is splitting. You will also use this strategy to play at an online casino.

The main idea behind splitting a blackjack hand is to have two hands you can play with instead of one, which will increase your odds of winning. Some people have different opinions on this strategy. It can be hard to determine when it’s a good time to split the hand and when to leave it alone.

When you are dealt two of the same ranking cards, you will have the option to split your hand. When playing online, the casino will usually offer this as an option at the bottom of the screen. It’s only available when two of the same cards are dealt.

If you are playing a blackjack game where you can see both of the dealer’s cards, you have a slight advantage. In this case, if you have two tens, you should split the hand if the dealer has a weak hand. The weak hand will usually be a total of 5, 6, or 7.

It allows you a much better chance of winning on both hands. It’s essential to pay attention to this strategy and use it wisely. It may take some time to learn when to split and when not to, but you will know what to do after time.

Splitting tens is usually not recommended unless you know what the dealer has. If you decide to split tens, you should be watching the game very closely, maybe even counting the cards, so you know you have an advantage. Otherwise, do not split the hand. It’s better to take the safe win than to lose two hands.

You should know that splitting is not free. It will require you to put up another bet for the additional hand you are now playing. You will need to double your bet, so it’s an important decision, especially if you are playing for a lot of money.

Generally, most blackjack players will not split when they are dealt 10’s, 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s. It’s alright to split 3’s, 2’s, 7’s, and 8’s. As mentioned, the best way to get an idea of this strategy is to play a few practice games for free. The more comfortable you get with the game, the better your winning chances when you play for money.