50 Amazing Sims 4 Challenges to Make the Game Interesting

Sims 4 is a massively popular life simulation game. It is widely famous for the intriguing gameplay it offers. What makes the game even more exciting and fun are the Sims 4 Challenges. You can take and complete them to boost your life experiences in the game. For the new players, it could be a bit tough to find the right ones.

So, we are sharing the 50 most exciting Sims 4 Challenges in this post. You can go through them, pick them up, and start completing them.

50 Sims 4 Challenges for 2020

Playing Sims 4 feels like having your own virtual life behind the screen. It is a highly intriguing life simulation video game that allows you to create and control people, known as Sims. You can do many things in this game, just like in real life. One of the things to do is to complete the fan-made challenges.

Sims players have been creating Sims 4 challenges since the game was released. The challenges are a fun way to give a fresh feel to the regular gameplay. You must play by abiding by certain rules to complete a certain objective and get the reward.

They are exciting and engaging, preventing the gameplay from being bland. So, here are the 50 most interesting Sims 4 challenges you can accept and complete.

Note: Click on the link with each challenge to read its official rules.

Sims 4 Challenges [1-25]

1. Rags to Riches Challenge: Your Sims family starts with 0 simoleons and works their way up to having a real luxurious home and a happy family.

2. Legacy Challenge: Your Sims will be a young adult living alone in a 50×50 empty lot. Then, you must use the family funds cheat to give your Sim ยง1800. After that, you have to earn money, get married, have children, and play through 10 generations of this family on that single lot.

3. 100 Baby Challenge: You start with a female matriarch who has to work to have children with as many people as possible in her lifetime.

4. Homeless Challenge: You must move into a lot and have 0 simoleons. Then, you will work your way through until you earn 5000 in cash and a basic home.

5. Asylum Challenge: You have to create an 8 Sim household. Every Sim must have an insane trait, and everything else can be random. You can only control one Sim and must allow the other Sims to do whatever they want.


6. Decades Challenge: This one is just like the legacy challenge. The difference is that each legacy generation will be in a different decade.

7. Black Widow Challenge: You have to control a matriarch who will marry different men and then kill them to steal their money.

8. Not So Berry Challenge: You will have a lot of Sims generations, but a different color will denote each generation.

9. Prison Challenge: Your Sims has been imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. So, you have to spend 12 hours a day in a prison cell with seven other prisoners you can’t control.

10. Hotel Challenge: Your Sims creates a hotel on his lot and locks different Sims in it. Then, you have to roll a dice to randomize the event for the Sim every day.

Easy Sims 4 Challenges

11. Heartbreak Challenge: Your Sim has to break 100 Sim’s hearts in his lifetime. Also, it can’t marry any of them or have babies.

12. Apocalypse Challenge: An atomic war has wiped the world out. Your Sim is only allowed to live in a small shelter along with minimalistic necessities.

13. Bloodline Challenge: The main aim of this challenge is to have a single Sim live through 10 generations as the kingdom’s ruler.

14. Runaway Teen Challenge: Your teen Sim will run away from his home and start living in a lot entirely along. From there, he has to become successful.

15. Living Off The Grid: You have to live in a starter home with an outdoor bathroom, no kitchen, or electronics. Then, you have to live off the land and off the grid to earn cash.

16. Astronaut Legend Challenge: You must take a young adult Sim who is a genius but awkward. Then, you have to help him become a successful astronaut.

17. Cowplant Challenge: You have to make your Sim’s Cowplant eat other Sims by luring them. So, you can use their life essence to become eternal.

18. Melting Pot Challenge: It is another challenge very similar to the Legacy challenge. However, there is a twist. To mix up genetics, you must make the two parents look entirely different and have distinct physical differences.

19. Nomad Challenge: Your Sim is not allowed to get a real job. He must live in an empty lot, start collecting, have a perfect garden, and create a Museum to display his collections.

20. Alien Widow Challenge: You have to start with a female alien Sim, have it fall in love, and have babies with different Sims. Then, she’ll have her husband starve to death in a basement. Meanwhile, you also have to build a rocket to escape your female Sim.

21. Masterchef Challenge: This challenge is based on the Masterchef show. There will be 8 Sims in a house. Three of them will be judges, and five will be contestants.

22. Expectations vs Reality Challenge: You have to make two houses, one based on expectations, and the other on reality. Then, you must make your reality house better than expected.

23. Dollhouse Challenge: You have to build a house just like a dollhouse that doesn’t have any walls facing you.

24. Cult or Commune Challenge: You have to play around with cult life by making your Sim a cult leader and making him recruit members.

25. Homeless Author Challenge: You have to start without a house aspiring author. You have to work on your writing skill and use your books to earn money and have a home.

Fun Sims 4 Challenges [26-50]

26. Living Off The Land Challenge: Your Sim must work on their garden to be able to live off the land. He can’t have any TV or computer.

27. Alien Takeover Challenge: You have to play as an alien who will try to replace the entire world with aliens and eliminate all the Sims from it.

28. The Bachelorette Challenge: This challenge is based on a TV reality show of the same name. You have to make your Sim fall in love with one of the contestants and have a great life with them at the end.

29. Disney Princess Challenge: You have to play through the lives of some of the famous Disney princesses, like Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, etc., in different generations.

30. The Ultimate Survival Challenge: Your Sim will buy the Oakenstead lot and can only fish, garden, or collect to earn money. He can’t have a job, house, or electricity.


31. Hired Help Challenge: Your Sim will move in with different Sim houses throughout their life to become their hired help.

32. Mooch Off Your Neighbour Challenge: Your Sim has to live off the spoils of their neighbors to eat, sleep, shower, earn, and everything else. But, you have to ensure you don’t make them mad.

33. Devoted Grandmother Challenge: You will have an elder Sim who doesn’t get along with her daughter well. The daughter is married and has a few kids. And the kids live with their grandmother, who takes care of them.

34. Raise Them Right Challenge: You have to play as a single mother Sim living on an empty lot with no money. So, she has to figure out how to raise her kid right.

35. Parentcy Challenge: You will have different generations in this challenge. And each generation will have a set amount of children raised in various parenting styles.


36. Going Broke Challenge: You will start with a million Simoleons, and your main goal is to go broke by reaching ten generations.

37. Serial Killer Challenge: In this challenge, your Sim will pick random Sims from the streets, bring them home, and then kill them ruthlessly.

38. Random Genetics Challenge: You must start with two randomized Sims to play with genetics while creating their child. You have to make the child as attractive as possible.

39. 8 Sim Starter Challenge: It is a building challenge where you have to build a house valued over 32,000 Simoleons. It will be given to an 8 Sim household at the beginning of the game.

40. 10K Starter Home Challenge is another building challenge where you have to build a complete home for less than 10K Simoleons.


41. Castaway Challenge: This is my favorite challenge. You have to live in Windeburg on The Island. It would be best if you got rid all the other houses and families present to make it deserted. After that, you have to collect to make money and survive.

42. Wolf Pack Challenge: You will have a Sim, a pack of 6 dogs, and one evil raccoon. You must survive with them by collecting, fishing, etc., until you can build a home worth 50,000 Simoleons.

43. The Truman Show Challenge: This challenge is based on the movie, The Truman Show. You have to set up a world where you can control everything, but you can’t control Truman.

44. 3 Little Sims Challenge: You have to create 3 Sims with no relationship, and each one will have his own tiny house on the lot. Then, you have to control them on rotating days.

45. Immigrant Challenge: You have to make your Sim live in a new world as a temporary citizen or immigrant. So, it can’t have a job and can make money only through the retail system.


46. Clone Challenge: You have to create a Sim according to your preferences, upload them to the gallery and then live through their life. Once it is over, you must make a completely new Sim and take a different life path.

47. Build a City Challenge: You have to build a city in the game where you will grow a population of people. You have to keep unlocking new locations and services based on the metrics.

48. Guardian Legacy Challenge: This is yet another Legacy-like challenge with a unique twist. The twist is that your primary Sim must find a way to provide for the community.

49. Block Party Challenge: This is one more building challenge where you enter one of the base game worlds and demolish every lot in that world. After that, you rebuild the world as a whole by yourself.

50. Bad Blood Challenge: This is the perfect challenge for Taylor Swift fans. You have to create a Sim, get them a best friend, and turn that best friend into their enemy. In this manner, you have to make an enemy squad. Then, you have to gain skills and fight your enemies to complete the challenge.

Final Take

These are the 50 most interesting Sims 4 challenges you can do to make the game even more amusing. If you think we have missed any good ones, let us know by using the comment box. We’ll try to update this list with more new challenges as they are released.

That’s all for this post. Now go and add different flavors to your Sim’s lifestyle.